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Can no Longer TCP/PBEM Separte Games at Same Time

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In 1.07 beta and earlier versions you could be in a tcp game, and at the same time open up SC a second time to do pbem turns. When you were done with the pbem, you could save it, get back to the tcp game and watch resolution of the opponent's moves and combats, do your tcp turn, and somewhere in the middle of all that casually e-mail back the pbem. As long as you didn't exit the second game used to do pbem turns on while the tcp game was up, the tcp game remained stable.

It seems in the final 1.07 that you can't do this anymore without crashing the tcp game.

Doing a pbem turn during the opponents tcp turn was time efficient, especially in the pre-Barbarrosa phase of a tcp game, where there isn't much reason to stare at the opponents (standard) moves while they happen.

Any reason why you can't have a tcp going anymore while opening up a second version of SC to do pbem turns?


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fixed DirectX compatibility bug with newer Video Card drivers, newer drivers didn't like the previous implementation of DirectX within SC, caused some flickering/blackouts when traversing through various game screens/menus
Maybe this has something to do with it?
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Yup, tried this today and it is linked to the changes I made with respect to DirectX, the new implementation doesn't seem to like it when you have two copies of the same SC.exe.

If you run with 'directx = 0' you should not have the same issue but you might encounter a screen size resetting issue instead if you are not running at 1024x768. Note this is only if you are trying to run two instances of SC at the same time.

Hope this helps,


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