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Graphic problems

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Bought the german version of the game the other day (version 1.07) and experianced some strange graphical problems:

Whenever a window appears in the game, like the game options window, end turn window, R&D window, the only open up very, very slowly taking several minutes in some cases.

Exiting the game causes my desktop to crash (icons disappear or get "hollow") and I need to reboot my computer in order to get anything started.

Being somewhat of an computer illiterate, I guess there is something wrong with my system configuration as I have ensured that there is enough space on my HD, run defrag, etc.

My system specs:



3dfx vodoo card

512 MB ram

directx version 9.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Strange errors indeed. Can you try a couple of things and see if they make any difference:

1) Open up your SC.ini file (located in your SC installation directory) and make sure the line for sound interruption reads 'sound interrupt = 1' and not 'sound interrupt = 0'

2) If this does not help, then try changing the line 'directx = 1' to 'directx = 0'


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