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PBEM: Main screen in not shown

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Often when is finished my PBEM move (game is saved) my screen freeze an doesn't shows the main screen from where you can start a new game or load another pbem game or just quit the game. I see only the last screen (map and the window which asked the new pbem-savegame-name).

I can click "blind" at the buttons (even though i can't see them), so i just can't see the correct screen even though it is there.

I have installed the last patch. Operating system is WIN ME, Athlon 2000+, 512 MB RAM, Geforce 4200 Ti.

Any suggestions what to do? It happens in appr. 5 from 10 attemps.

Thanks for any help.

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I'm part way through my second PBEM game, so I've seen this screen over 100 times and never had this problem. It is almost certainly to do with winME or the video drivers. Check for updates for both.

I'm not sure if SC uses directX, but try running dxdiag and see if any errors show in any screen there.

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xwormwood, yes this is a known issue that sometimes occurs on the win9x/ME platform but not a problem on windows 2000/XP. Apparently a difference in the early 9x/ME kernel with how it deals with some programmable windows and memory not easily discernable or trackable but fixed in the newer 2000/XP kernel


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