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Flashing screen when playing (tech issue)

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I havnt played SC in awhile; and decided to try out the new patch.

I reinstalled SC and installed patch 1.6

game seems to run fine except for one thing ...

The screen flashes everytime I end turn/go to any other menu ie options/warmap etcetc.

Kind of annoying and stalls gameplay ie the screen takes like 5 seconds to flash.

I recently installed direct x9 on a radeon 8500 using win xp and the catelyst 3.0 drivers.

any idea what might be the problem or how to fix it?



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Well ...

I did a fresh install of the game; ie played it on my other drive but this is a newer drive. So installed the game then installed the lastest patch (is it 1.6~)

amd 1.7~ 512 ram winxp(all updates) radeon 8500 (catelyst 3.0 drivers with dx 9), turtle beach santa cruz (newest driver); this is a desp top pc not a laptop.

I played sc before patch 1.2 or 1.3~ then gave it up for a bit or was it patch 1.4 ... anyways

the things that changed with my system since I played it then and now ...

I'm using dx9 with catelyst 3 drivers also added 256 ram; and of course I am using 1.6 patch (newest).

So I am really unsure if the problem is from the newest patch or dx9 or catalyst drivers or something I am unaware about.



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