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Originally posted by Hubert Cater:

Just to clarify, you want to change the TCP port from 6530 to 6305? If that is the case it cannot be done in the game as 6530 is hardwired into the code


Opps sorry Hubert. Dyslexia strikes again. I meant we need to change it to 6530. We are getting "Socket Expired".

He is on a LAN at his dorm and has some hefty firewall protection. I am on a DSL at home. He said he has no trouble playing other games over the net. Neither do I. It's just SC we can't get to connect.

Thanks in advance!


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Not really sure you need to change anything in terms of ports, as far as I understand the port will either be accessible or not depending upon if you can see each other's computers over the net. Sounds like he might not be able to host due to his firewall/LAN, can you host and he connects to you instead?

Also if you haven't done so already I would suggest reading through the 'TCP/IP QUICK HOW TO GUIDE.txt' found in the SC installation directory for further details on setting up TCP/IP and potential issues with firewalls etc.

You can check if you are able to see his computer at all and vice versa by trying to 'ping' each other, if the pings are unsuccessful then it is definitly a network issue. Pinging can be done by opening up a CMD or DOS Prompt and typing:

ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

where the x's represent the IP number.

Hope this helps,


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A note for TCP/IP hosts with router firewalls.

I have my home network router configured with port 6530 enabled for data pass-through. However, at least in my case, the SC host joining screen dispays only only my internal IP, not the list of possible IP's referenced in the "Quick TCP/IP How To Guide". The internal IP will not work. Instead the external (or internet)IP must be used. The external IP can be found in most router status windows, or by running the MS Windows utility "ipconfig".

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