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Barbarossa - no Siberian reinforcements

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Playing against German AI [ver 1.06].

There are no Siberian reinforcements [3 games]. :confused:

When playing a PBEM game [1 game]the Siberians turned up.

Problem? or are they triggered by position o Germans? In the PBEM the krauts were nearly at Moscow, while in the AI games they are nowhere near.

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German units within 3 spaces of Moscow trigger the Siberian reinforcements. I am playing a PBEM game against a friend right now and left a nice inviting hole to draw him to Moscow. Siberian reinforcements arrived in August of 41'!!!

I believe there is some other triggers but I'm not sure what exactly they are.

There also seems to be a difference in the amount of reinforcements received based on the number of units the Russians have.

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