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Video issue with the demo

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I'm having a strange problem with the demo and I'm wondering if the same thing would happen with the full release and if there is anything I can do about it. What happens is this - any time the game needs to open a new window or move from screen to screen (as when starting a new game), there is a pause and I see a black screen for a second or two (seems like a mode switch is going on). This happens *every* time, even if all the game is doing is popping up a message box about something. System:

P4 2.53GHz with 512MB, running XP Home SP1

GeForce4 Ti4600 with 40.72 Detonators

Desktop at 1280x1024, 32bit color

Any ideas? I've tried setting my desktop to 1024x768 but that didn't help.


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Sounds like there might be another application that is also wants main control while SC is running, might be why when SC wants to open a new window it is behaving as it does. You could see what other applications are running at the same time and if you have any that *like* to be the TOP window sort of thing. I would also try setting the line 'directx = 0' in your SC.ini file to see if that helps as it may be a DirectX problem. The SC.ini file can be found in your Strategic Command installation directory.

Let me know if this helps,


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