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Novorossisk - Stanichka


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Just finished playing 'Stanichka' vs the

AI (+25% troops)and achieved a Minor Victory...

Another cool Naval Infantry battle...much

enjoyed...looking forward to more.

Thanks for your work Renaud.

BTW, whilst reading Erickson a few months

back, I noticed a reference to an amphibious

op carried out on the shores of Ladoga in

June 42...haven't had time as yet to follow

it up...but interested in whether the T-40's

(actually amphibious) had their moment of glory...


(I am assured by David C. Isby that this-

trans as "Look Out Below!"- is the battle

cry of the Soviet Naval Infantry...)

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I'm off the Naval Infantry kick for a while. My next work will be to complete the 22nd panzer series with scenarios 6-8. These will be the 3 major actions of 22nd PZD in the '42 assault on Rostov, before they were placed into reserve behind the Chir river on the north flank of Stalingrad.

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