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SC lockup problem

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I was wondering if some smart soul could help me out here. With both the demo and the full game I keep having lockup problems at random. At first I thought it might be something in the demo. At times I was able to finish the full amount of turns and other times it would lockup. When I got the full game I installed and patched it and still had the lockup problem. After reading through the forums and seeing other ppl having similar issues I tried several solutions. The sound and video drivers are all up to date (fyi: someone posted that the 30.82 drivers were current for Nvidia, they arnt, the current set is 40.72). My monitor drivers are also up to date. I reinstalled the game without the newest patch and still had lockups. Twice I checked for and found excessive heat over the video card. After cleaning all the fan blades this seems to have stopped. The side of the tower is kept off always for cooling regardless. I also tried resetting the .ini file numbers to 1 for both refresh rate and sound. Nothing seems to work.

Ive been all cracked out on the demo for 2 weeks and NEED to play the full game. System specs are as follows:

AMD 1.2ghz

Asus motherboard

256meg RAM

40 gig harddrive

Soundblaster Live

Desktop res is 1024X768 at 16 bit color

Thanks for any help smile.gif

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The v1.04 patch should have cleared up memory usage problems. I'm not a technical expert, but my recommendation would be to completely uninstall everything, reinstall the game and latest patch, and try again. If you have the full game installed over the demo, that's probably a problem right there. You may want to do a thorough defrag on your harddrive also. Assuming your O/S and drivers are up to date, the game should run fine. Maybe there's some application running in the background that could be a problem. That's the limit of my advice. If that doesn't help, you need professional assistance. ;)

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There was a problem with high CPU usage but this has been addressed with the latest patch. I would try installing the game and then the latest patch to see if you still have any problems and we can take it from there. If the latest patch has been installed properly you should see v1.05 at the bottom right hand corner of the MAIN MENU screen

Hope this helps,


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Ah ha....there were some things I left out of my problem description. I erased the demo before installing and tried both the latest patch and unpatched versions of the game. Both ways resulted in random lockups. I defrag the hd religiously and use nortons for most maintenance and anti-virus. When running SC I closed all these programs and most things running in the backround including the anti-virus. In fact all I have running is the systray and explorer and roughly 85 to 90% of system resources free. To be extra sure I have the needed memory I also defrg the RAM with memturbo before playing and then close that to. The last piece of info is that O/S is WinMe with all the latest upgrades and patches including DX-8. Other games on the hd include Close Combat2,3 and 5, East Front2, Homeworld, Medal of Honor, SPWAW, War in Russia, and Independance War2. All these games have their own full suite of mods and patches and no problems with running any of them. Those god damn russians are getting frisky on my border.I need to invade NOW! smile.gif

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