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Alright, I downloaded and unzipped the new patch into the sc directory and then when I go to the main menu at the start of the game the version number is not shown, so I don't know if the patch worked. I have also been trying to play PBEM games and when I send the file to my opponent they are only getting a file that is 4k or 6k in size and it is no good. One of my opponents suggested that it is because I don't have v1.04 , but I have installed it numerous times to get it to work and I swear that I am playing V1.04 yet it doesn't shown on the main menu. Please help this is driving me nutts.

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It should show at the bottom right hand corner of the screen when you are in the main menu. As for the PBEM files this is a problem with some ISP's stripping these files of their contents when sent via email. Common with Yahoo and Hotmail for example. Best to use winzip or any other compression utility when sending these files through email as it prevent the problem you are encountering.

Hope this helps,


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