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Calling out battlefront, make Sir Jersey a Moderator, open the doors for a Legend


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Hubert, MartinMoon, MadMattBouncer --- I would like to hearby nominate Sir Jersey to become an official Strategic Command Moderator of this Forum. Jersey brings one thing to you...Heart. This guy loves the game, history, & the people of SC. For over a year he has done nothing promote, challenge, & invite the public to your game. I believe (I know), he would be a perfect Moderator for this Forum. I personally have no motive or gain in such a move/nomination, my drive is against Terif & his CloneAgents. Jersey has online writing & technical skills that can't be taught. With proper guidance & objectives, Jersey could add free up time, add value, & report feedback from the public to your company www.battlefront.com/

Jersey is a very considerate man, consistant in material, & very well liked by all. His posts are well read & received by the entire SC gaming World. We've had a few scrimmages on the Forum, but there is one constant "Jersey". "There's been one constant in America, Baseball" --- James Earl Jones in the movie Field of Dreams.

To be a good Moderator, one must be thick skinned & soft hearted...Jersey possesses such character traits. Many profess to have internet communication skills, but manifestation of them is another story. Experience is only pertainent if it's successful experience. It's time Battlefront added a new member to its family, Sir Jersey. Sir Jersey is the Henry Kissenger of the SC-Forum, able to bring polarized parties together while not protruding personal opinion.


Please make Sir Jersey a Moderator,

Captain Jon J. Rambo

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