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Brief AAR: Zapp (Axis) vs Hellraiser (Allies)


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I got Axis for 180 bid.

LC taken on turn 2.

Denmark on turn 3.

Poland turn 4.

Hellraiser used a corps dump strategy, he took Ireland spring 1940 also.

I tried a new strategy using Bock for Sweden invasion after Poland.

Sweden fell to Axis July 1940.

Norway fell to Axis August 1940.

Pari fell September 1940.

My Sweden strategy delayed Paris perhaps 2-3 turns and Italy 1-2 turns. Instead I will save cash on operating cost and have more air freed up after Paris since I do not need air in Norway.

More to come...

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Hellraiser showed off L2 and Long Range some turns after Paris.

Axis also chose to buy many many chits early on to even it out.

Since I bought few air early on, it took me much time to get Egypt and Vichy. I focused on having Brest and Bergen but had to leave Brest empty shortly before barbarossa and let USA land there.

My tech luck is BIG in this game. My German tech was L4 jets when barbarossa started, plus some long range, plus L1 AT.

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mid 1942

allied tech is junk - 21 chits with all 3 powers and the results are crap

Germany has L4 jets and LR 3, practically being able to cover almost every spot on the map;

Axis take their time and build 4 star troops

Russia can't used HQs, RAF and USAF fled to Canada/USA - several german fighters building huge xp on uk corps near London - capitol threatened by italian transports

Some turns ago allies destroyed 2 italian BBs near Portugal - the swan song smile.gif

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This is ridiculous ... germans have long range 4 and killed monty - 5 AFs and 3 carriers used by Zapp in the attack - uk and usa placed their 7 combined jet3 AFs in England and discovered jets 4 both just the turn they got placed - no way they could compete with xp 2-4 jets germans had in France - same turn when they got jets 4, ussr got jets 3 - but it is way too late anyway, london has fallen and game is at an end - I simply couldn't do anything to prevent axis getting this huge Xp due to their insane luck in tech ... that's it ;)

Anyway, the largest battle in history erupts when russian hordes take positions in front of the german army, amassing 9 L4 fighters, 4 HQs, a boatload of AT2 corps and fewer armies and tanks :D

Meanwhile, allies destroyed 2 german carriers and lose several airfleets - with the loss of monty and 1 AF and the other 2 badly damaged, allies rely only on carriers in ports now and 2 USAF to keep axis from advancing towards Manchester.

USA lost 2 AFs as well :(

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fun game my @ss ;)

I played cautiously , avoiding encounters with Zapp's Tie Fighters waiting for the techs to kick in ... Carriers sailed from Bergen to Morrocco trying to find a peaceful spot so they can train outside LFs range (anyway, Zapster's LFs cover 5/4 of the known world so the safest place for RAF/USAF/Carriers was near Canada/SUA :D:D:D )

By the time Allies got jets, axis had crack troops and fighters plus built some carriers smile.gif

Russia attacked 1-2 turns after landings in the UK had begun. But the ground forces were not so tough (they discovered AT2 that turn but had zero xp - they killed an army or two and got stalled. Red air flied countless sorties in order to keep Axis mpps low and give western allies a breather. But all this came way too late. Even with full air superiority (numbers) the Reds were not able to kill much troops not to mention LFs who were intercepting them from Bahamas (LR4) :D

Should I mention AT2 for Italy? Naah, irrelevant tongue.gif Italians began to infest Russia having a stop-gap role should the Red breakthru LOL

Super german Jets pre Barbarossa + excellent LR tech allowed Zapp to gain huge xp on poor unsuported red corps - red HQs fled when they were informed about intercontinental capabilities of Axis planes (in fact they could support a few troops on the front, not enough to counter).

One major mistake from my part - I thought Zapp had only LR2 at a point and it was 3 at least it seems : Monty got his ass sniped because of this. I failed to place him in the Mountains of Northern England, fearing LFs sniffing from Norway - Zapster used air from Sweden against Russia (2-3 pieces).

Anyway, good game from both parts, though way too unbalanced tech wise - I had tech advantage at a point but when i really was not able to use it right; he got super techs exactly when he needed them.

Conclusion: Allies witnessed the collapse of the free world, not being able to lift a finger for its defence smile.gif

We'll play a few more turns just to see what can happen - maybe troops from Alpha Centauri (Jet tech 7) will come to the rescue...

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