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SC-NFL League


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I have come to enjoy this game. I am also a big fan of the NFL. In my efforts to give back a little to the game and to the SC community here I would like to set up and run a PBEM/IP SC-NFL type league to run along side the NFL season here in North America. (September to January). Since I have done this sort of thing in the past I also know that I am much better at running a league for fun then playing the game.

I am not sure if there is any interest for this but if there is at least 16 interested and COMMITTED players here is how it would be run. I, Curry, would be the Commissioner of the league.



· We need at least 16 players to form the league.

· You will be put into a division consisting of four players (The commissioner will by random lot assign which division you will be put into – Thus as the NFL some divisions may be stronger than others. Thus is life in the NFL).

· There will be two Conferences of which consist of two Divisions


Eisenhower conference Rommel conference

Packer division Bear division

Lion division Viking Division

· Each player will play the following amount of games for a total of 16

o Play players in their own division twice (once as axis once as allies)

o Play players in the other division in their conference once (all players in one conference will be axis verses all players in the other conference allies)

o Play players in one other division of the other conference once. (example – Lion division teams will play Bear division teams, Viking division teams will play Packer division teams. This is how it is done in the NFL).

o Total of 16 games as in the NFL. Playing 8 games as axis and 8 games as allies. (as in the NFL of 8 home games and 8 away games).

o Commissioner will come up with the schedule

· Playoffs – The winners of each Division and one wildcard from each conference will make the playoffs.

o The person with the best record gets a bye.

o Tiebreaker – I need an idea here or we will have to toss a coin.

o Team with best record gets to choose axis or allies for playoffs up to the SC Super Bowl.

o Eisenhower conference champion will play the Rommel conference champion in the Super Bowl of SC. As in the Super Bowl there is no home field advantage and the commissioner will flip a coin to see who is axis and who will be allies.

· The commissioner will tell you or you must receive permission from the commissioner for when you can start your game. The goal would be to have the season at the same time as the NFL season. Since its play by mail you can have more than one game going at the same time. If some players get ahead in the amount of games played the commissioner will not give them permission to start a new game so the others catch up.

· Dropping out. – If someone drops out of the league we will try to find a replacement for them and keep the won loss record they have had up until that time. (nothing is perfect)

· The commissioner will make rulings to solve all disputes. He MAY be in consultation with others in the hobby if need be but his word is final. So be nice to him.


· We will follow the Z-league house rules

· Games can be PBEM or IP or a combination of either. However, if a player can only play PBEM then the other player cannot force the game to be IP. Both players have to agree to play IP or it’s considered a PBEM game.

· If there is a dispute about reloads remember the above ruling that the commissioner solves all disputes. PLEASE NOTE – if you have reloads and not a good reason and your opponent appeals to the commissioner then the commissioner has the authority to: 1) forfeit your match, 2) or give you a penalty in MPP points for a rematch with that player for the game to start over. 3) Or give you a MPP point penalty in an upcoming match. (Like in the NFL if the commissioner forces a key player to sit out a game). So be very careful and don’t reload.

· If a player seems to be in the discretion of the commissioner to be stalling a game the commissioner has the authority to have that player forfeit the game. Remember this is for fun and not to be taken so serious that you do not have the honor to resign or to play to lose with honor.

· Allies will be given the following MPP points in starting the game to even things out.

o UK – 100 points

o USSR – 1000 points

I understand not everyone agrees on this subject of fairness between allies and axis. Some think we should play straight up, others think the bid should be more. From watching the bids on the Z-league and from the games between Terif and Zapp two of the best players I think this is a fair bid that makes the USSR involvement more important and evens things out a bit for the allies but not overly so. Remember in your own division that you will be playing each side anyway and you will play the same side as the rest of your division when you play the other division teams. So in the end at least for your division and getting into the playoffs it should be even as to which side of allies or axis.

· No special house-rules are allowed except those rules that are in the Z-league.

I AM Open to suggestions for needed added rules.

Please post them or email me at ForDiplomacy@msn.com.

If you wish to be a part of the SC-NFL-League then let me now. Please include an email address. As I have said we will need 16 committed players to play - if there is the interest I'll run it.

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E-mail is in my profile. I'm assuming we get team names. If so, it would be kinda cool if the European and Canadian members used the team names from the European/Canadian football (American, not soccer) teams.

But, can't you do something about limiting the Air units?

[ August 14, 2003, 02:22 PM: Message edited by: Shaka of Carthage ]

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Count me in.

Packers, Vikings, Lions, Bears. Your from the midwest aren't you. I'll guess Wisconsin. Maybe you recently moved to Florida?

You know my e-mail address.

In the case of a tie, I assume your talking about for playoff seeds, do something like, best division record, if still tied then best conference record. Or more "road" or "home" wins.

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Well, it doesnt look like their is enough interest for 16 players/teams. If there is enough interst we can form a league and schedule for 8 players. If I play we have 5 already and would only need 3 more players. With 8 players we all can be in the same conference and the top four player/teams make the play-offs. (1vs4, 2vs3, then winners in final).

If you want in let me know.

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