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Reducing kill experience, would that improve the game?


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In the beginngin of SC, experience from attack gave 0.2, defence 0.1 and kill 0.5

The kill was reduced to 0.3 in a later patch

People are still exploiting this by using air fleets killing of units to gain the 0.2+0.3=0.5 experience boost and air become too powerful eventually.

Would it not be good if killing was reduced from 0.3 to 0.1?

Using corps as defence is risky, since enemy will use them as practice dummies for their air and building invincible air.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of experience is for Barbarossa. Without experience factors, Axis would not have any advantage in battles to reflect the historical push back.

However, The experience gain continue INSIDE Russia when Russia builds corps and are forced to hide their HQ avoiding air. After 5-10 turns Axis can kill 4 units per turn thanks to their SUPER AIR showing up in all important battles.

Air benefit from the experience rules too much. Please reduce the killing experience gain again!

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