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Christmas 2004, Searching for Bobby Fischer (Johnny Legend), out of town.


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In years gone past, I've been home, available for game play. Well, this year, I'll be in the mountains of Pennsylvania, with many, many, family members. The roots of the Legend is just North of Gettysburg, Pennsylavania, a good stock of American people, the smart ones who left Europe in the 1600's for religious freedom (true religion that is).

Anyhow, I'll not be entertaining any games.

Josh Waitzkin speaking of Bobby Fishcer (Johnny Legend),"Some say he lost his nerve, but I think he's just laying back, to reclaim his crown."


"You could just quit" --- Teacher to Josh.

"But I have to win" --- Josh

"It's just a game" --- Teacher

"No it's not" --- Josh

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Not a bad movie. I think I knew all of the real people being portrayed, including Bobby F. on a passing nod basis during the sixties; I banged into him in 1965 getting his autograph at the U. S. Championship that year in an adjourned game he lost to his archrival, the late Sam Reshevsky. Fischer was very polite even after losing that game, but then he already had the tournament clinched -- he won every U. S. Championship he ever played in, starting at age 13 or 14.

Anyway, a lot of the people in real life weren't the way they were portrayed in the movie, but it was a good movie on it's own level.

I like those quotes you've selected. I've had that same basic it's only a game-no it isn't conversation with many chess players over the years.

To a great player of any game it can never be only a game.

For the rest of us, no game can ever be anything more than a game.

Maybe that's the difference, or at least part of it.

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Hi Jersey and Rambo

Just dropped in to see how the site is going.

Sorry to hear that Rambo is gone. He should only have be suspended for a month or something. No free speech here, no first amendment, like in the USA.

Well, Jersey, Merry Christmas to you and your family, and have a happy New Year. You have always been a upright and fine Gentleman (and you know your history also).

Thought that SC2 would be out by now, oh well!

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Well, you know, I don't personally care about public postings on SC at the moment. Most of the good stuff has been posted and read already. It's only killing the community not to have Rambo here. The fact is he probably ran into a new or a very anal moderator and that's life sometimes. No stress, water under the bridge. I had some karmic concerns about some stuff I did to battlefront now I feel karmafree ;) They peed on a bud, now I'll just leave my negativity unchecked. Plus new opportunity and money out of my decisionmaking on a particular subject! ;)

was going to give BF Free advertising in exchange for something on a thousand or two proggies don't think they need it or they'd accept it too anal tongue.gif

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Good to see you even if it is a quick drop in. smile.gif

As one upright and fine Gentleman to another, Here's wishing you and your family a Great Christmas and a Great New Year's in return. smile.gif


As I understand it, the moderator who banned Brother Rambo is MadMatt. Mathew and Martin (Moon) are the senior members of the crew. Matt mainly stays in the other forums, so we don't see much of him at SC.

I agree 100% with those say it should only be a suspension, and a short one. Not to open a Pandora's Box, but there are many CM people who seem to be allowed to post pretty much anything they choose without even getting a warning. If Rambo is gone -- he ought to have some of those guys for company.

Yes, I can see the lead in here, that I'm gone and I can keep him company! :eek: :D

-- Been there, thank you, two years back with my Siamese Twin, Jim Boggs, when we were supposed to be the same person. :D

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John basic fact is I see Kuniworth marching around the board spouting everything is gay all day long until my eyes are about to bleed offering nothing but irritation. Where are these senior Moderators when it counts? Obviously a majority of us are profane, often nationalisitic<along with insults and ideology> We're wargamers, you can't take that away from Rambo he is who he is. You're going to take that away from him you're spitting on him for being who he is.. Unfair.. I see several other fellows right now who deserve a lifetime banning.. If Rambo isn't reinstated I'll stop using these boards ;) and I'll leave it to the "Gay Discussion" That noone tends to intervene on. I'll just use the programs play guys and shutup. Save my conversasion for more openminded places to share ideas, thoughts and feelings... We're just gamers it's not like lifetime banning or making an example of some guy achieves anything of great morality.

If people can't take Rambo or others, as I do with Kuniworth and some of the Belgian Empires Delegates, just ignore them ;) Ever heard of that feature smile.gif

Free Speech is Democratic, Censorship in it's essence is wrong

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I agree 100%

All I can say is let's all write our own e-mails to the club admins expressing our views. I've got them listed below, Matthew (Madmatt), Martin (Moon), Hubert and Dan (KwazyDog).

They're all great guys and reasonable as hell. Write to them and express your views and I'm sure it will help.





[ December 22, 2004, 07:02 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Here today, Gone tomorrow!

Alas, Poor Arax, I knew him not very well ...

The above post was put up on Wednesday at 11:45 P.M. EST and at 12:28 A.M., Thursday, a little over 45 minutes later, Arax was suspended or banned once more.

I guess attacking Gay Posters -- whatever that means -- isn't something with much of a future.

Sorry to see that happen, Arax3, best of luck and hope, if you return, you'll lose that obsession of yours.

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