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Would I dare ask?


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The ongoing Rydercup proves once again (just as the Z-league matches) how big and loyal a fanbase Strategic Command has.

Surely Hubert must have noticed this!

And surely Hubert must know how anxious everybody here is to learn about his current activities.Ofcourse we all hope he's working on SC2! :D

So Hubert,please a rumor,a whisper or a drunken story to satisfy our impatience.Throw us a little bone that we can fight over!

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Carpet Bomber

We've had numerous threads on those Avalon Hill games, along with SPI and various others. The best way to find them is to go to the area above the Thread and hit search, then use keywords like Boardgames or Avalon Hill or SPI.

A few weeks ago we had a great discussion about those things in the General Forum, so you might want to try the same search approach there as well. If you start a Thread on it your best bet is to do so in the General Area.

The discussion there tends to wander more than it does here (if you can believe it). For example, that boardgame thread ended up with me as a fifteen year old being beaned by a fastball on the first pitch of a big game. My team won because, after leaving for the emergency room, word came back to the unhittable fireballer that I was unconscious and expected to die; somehow it affected his pitching! A bit off-topic, heh? :D But before we reached that point there were something like five pages discussing cardboard war games.

A lot of feel the same way about them, we'd like to see games like D-Day and Blitzkrieg and those great SPI games given AI and FoW and turned into computer games exactly the same way that they appeared as board games.

Left Click Here for Thread on War Games

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Of course I agree on this. I believe Hubert is recuperating over the Summer so he'll be strong enough in the Fall to deal with another barage of our often inane questions and sometimes insane suggestions.

And, of course, it wouldn't hurt if he also deals with some of the more sensible ones.

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