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LC Gambit, France and Russia Readinees...

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Hello everybody, here a junior player :rolleyes: ,

I am playing two games with people who has "done" the LC Gambit (i am playing as German). Both were well done and it was a great succes for them :( ... on one case i have lost the game on autum (1940) :confused: , but in the other game, finally, i could defeat France... but now it´s 1941 (summer).

My question is: Russia readiness have raising quickly in this last game and now it´s over 90%...

When i defeated Poland, i put 3 units at russian border as it is needed... but the readiness raised and raised each turn... so, if France survives for a long time... that is the reason for the raising of Russian readinness?

Thanks for your help (and excuse my english... :D ).

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Most probably you didnt place your 3 units at the right spots. They have to be placed very exactly. Then russian readiness increased 10% per turn starting in January 1941. Axis needs the 3 units when the minors join, or in case they dont join (e.g. Spain not neutral or France not conquered) they need them in December 1940/January 1941.

How long you need for France doesnt matter and has no influence on readiness.

Here the description from my help thread:


For Axis: ( also contains tips for Allies what not to do )

- Poland has to surrender within 4 turns or russian readiness increases. Fifth turn 2 % every following ~10%.

How to keep russian war readiness down:

- After Poland surrendered place one unit in one of the two german border cities.

- in October 1940: Place 3 units DIRECTLY at the german-russian border at certain places. The nationality doesnt matter, you can also use italians or minor units.

1. one unit has to be in the city of Konigsberg

2. another unit at one of the hexes either southeast or northeast of Warsaw

3. the 3rd unit can be placed anywhere on the 9 border hexes - directly at the border, no hex distance between unit and border

You need the 3 units when the minors join, but since you dont know when they do, the 3 units should be placed in October 1940 (Minors start joining November 1940). Only units in Germany count for russian readiness. Units in Romania are irrelevant.

If you have not enough units (or too much, but that normally only happens short before Barbarossa)russian readiness increases by 10 % per turn.

In case your minors didnt/couldnt join (e.g. because Spain became Axis or France is not conquered) then you need the 3 units at least in December 1940/January 1941. Otherwise russian readiness increases from February 2, 1941.

- US readiness increasing starts at February 2, 1941: 4 %/turn.

Russian readiness increasing starts at June 22, 1941: 2-6 %/turn randomly

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another unit at one of the hexes either southeast or northeast of Warsaw

I put one unit at Kronisberg, another at Warsaw and the other at russian border... so i supposse that here was my "sin"... ;)

It´s a pity, because now it has no redemption (it´s too late).

Okay, thank yoy very much, Terif.

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