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OT: Logic, moving strategic resources (CODENAME CONDOR WINS!!!)


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Answer this:

U2 has a concert that starts in just 17 minutes and all of the band members must all cross a bridge to get there. The four men begin on the same side of the bridge and you must help them to get across to the other side.

Due the age of the bridge, only two people can cross at one time. To make matters worse, it is night-time and there is only one torch. The torch is always required when crossing the bridge and the torch must be walked back and forth, it cannot be thrown, etc. Each band member walks at a different speed and a pair must walk together at the rate of the slower man:

Bono takes 1 minute to cross

Edge takes 2 minutes to cross

Adam takes 5 minutes to cross

Larry takes 10 minutes to cross

For example, if Bono and Larry walk across first, it takes them 10 minutes to cross. If Adam then returns with the torch , a total of 15 minutes will have passed. There is no trick behind this, it is the simple movement of resources in the appropriate order.


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Since you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, I am going to challenge you to a TCP/IP game (really it's because it's nearly impossible to find a game of SC in the opponent finder forum these days). I find it hard to believe that you have no free time on your hands.

Come on Jersey, in the year that I've known you I have never played you in a standerd game of SC. Do it for me......... :(

See you at 1:30pm forum time?

Comrade Trapp

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It isn't that don't have free time, the problem is I don't normally have great blocks of it, which is why I've given up on IP games. Also, the last time I tried on it was against an opponent who kept perstering me with Tokyo Rose / Axis Sally type messages while it was my turn to move. When it was his turn I either read or a book or worked on something in the room so he could play in peace. The whole thing left a bad taste. More so because he began losing, after nine hours online, and immediately broke off the game, never to be resumed.

I'm sure you wouldn't behave that way but I'm only barely getting past that experience now.

PBEMs, at one point I had sixteen of them going simultaneously. After a while I couldn't remember which was which and started making stupid mistakes partly because I was confused and partly because I was always rushing to try and get moves out within a reasonable time.

So what I do now is to create a scenario heavily tilted in my favor, put on either my Napoleon hat or spiked Prussian helmet, and go at the AI. As I flail away I scream things like, "Insolent knave, nobody can stand up to my overpowering genius!" Then, raising a hand puppet, I say something like, "Oh Jersey, Nobody can stand up to your overpowering genius!" The other hand then goes in the air with another hand puppet screaming things like "Hail Jersey the Mighty Conquerer!"

I should give all that up to be humiliated by a human opponent?

Next thing after that I'd be going outside! :eek:


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