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AAR : Zappsweden (Axis) vs Dragonheart (Allies)


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Axis fell back to Poland but the retreat was badly planned and Russian tanks+air managed to attack the units when falling back. Polish line broke.

Allies took LC and French Mine and USA got L2 AT (better than German L1)!

Also, Russia got AT tech. Nothing to do. They had the MPP also.

Axis surrender.

[ February 22, 2004, 05:58 PM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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This game was a very "low tech game" i.e very few techs and they were late. Germany always need tech when facing 5000 MPP Russia. Five turns into Barbarossa, Germany only had AT L1, No Jets, No Range.

I got L2 Jets, L3 AA and L1 AT for Germany in the end but too late. I needed that Jet tech when USA landed. USA focused on ground forces this game so I needed to get air superiority to force them leaving France. UK had L2 jets at the end but for a while they had L2 vs L0 jets and that is why I could not do anything before too late.

Germany had a maximum of

4 chits Jets

3 chits AT

1 chit AA

1 chit industrial

1 chit long-range

1 chit Heavy Tank (sold it and increased Jet tech to 4 chits after getting no advances)

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Axis had a good start with Poland and denmark surrendering in round 3, an early breakthrough in France, and quite good battle rolls. Axis killed and damaged alot of my ships which costs them some rounds in France. Despite early approach at Paris axis needed another 5 rounds to capture it as i had a full entrenched tank there which caused alot of losses.

Therefore also the minors were a bit delayed.

My focus with gbp was air only and wiht usa groundunits only...this gave me the ealiest possible D-Day. So the Yanks were in paris one round after kick off of barbarossa.

Barbarossa itself was weak as several units survived so i spent alot in tech. But as zapp said it was a low tech game hardly advances on both side with the difference that i got it first.

I was playing very risky and didnt care about casualties as i wanted to keep the pressure on both borders and break his moral. This finally pays of as he runs out of MPP...impossible to repair both airfleets and groundunits in the west and in the east. I was also risking a total desaster in the west in favour of a strong russia.

My carriers were down to 2,1,4 strenghpoints and my AF´s down to 2,3,5,3 strengpoints as they made one sortie after the other.....

Due to the settings from Kuni in his league only the 2nd can get the first rank....so i m not champ at this moment as i was 3rd before our game.

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