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Sc2 - Editor Wish List

Edwin P.

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1. Selectable Capital Cities

-- User could select Madrid as Capital for UK Units. This would allow a user to recreate different wars using the same engine.

2. Variable Research Controls by Major Player

-- User could prohibit new research in specific areas by Major player and set maximum researc levels. Example: Italians can not research Rockets. Example: R&D by all players is not allowed. Example: Maximum Anti-Tank is 2.

3. Variable Unit Limits by Major Player

-- Example: Romans can not build Air Fleets or Battleships or Subs. They can build galleys (renamed Cruisers)

4. Variable Unit Type Names

-- Example: Rename Armor to Cavalry, Rename Army to Legion

5. Editor can create new HQ units.

6. Editor can create units, HQ and Standard, for Neutral Countries.

7. Editor can set a reclaim tech chit level for the AI. Example: At Anti-Tank level 4 Russia will reclaim Anti-Tank tech chits and not invest any more MPPs in Anti-Tank

8. Editor can set partisans by Country. Example: Roman Spain - Partisans On.

9. Editor can set per/turn Sea Damage for Transports. Example: Value (1) - Transports starting a turn in an ocean hex (not a coastal hex) take 1 point of damage. Recreates incentive for Ancient fleets to sail along the coasts.

10. On/Off option for Operate function. (this disables the operate command)

11. Variable Value of Merchant Shipping Routes. Example: Change Value of Atlantic route to 80MPPs per turn or zero.

12. Editor can increase production of Capital City to 20 from 10, this reflects the importance of the capital during war.

13. Selectable Icon Set - in the editor you would select a set of icons and map symbols (for units, cities and resources) to use - and the game would ship with 2 sets - WWII(classic), WWII(new battlefront) and room for 8 more (example: Ancient). Thus the icons would be linked to the campaign. The key is that each set would have its own naming convention that the user would have to follow in adding more sets of icons.

If you pull up campaign 1939 it uses Unit Icons 001.

If you pull up campaign 200AD it uses Unit Icons 004

14. Variable Plunder for Countries

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Each time you revise it the list gets better and more thoughtfully presented.

Having said that, I've got to agree with Kuni concerning Battle Front. It's been a long time since we've gotten any real feedback, which is why I've stopped posting the suggestion Threads which, up till a few months ago, were always appearing under my byline.

The Hell with it, whistling in the wind gets old very fast.

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I have to agree with Kuni also, It has become apparant to me that Battlefront doesn't care all that much about SC anymore. If it does, it has an odd way of showing it. Pretty much all other games I play have updated websites with news on devolpment, posts on the forum's by devolpers, etc. For a long time, SC has nothing. As a matter of fact, the last thing we did hear was that there will be no more patchs for SC.

There was hope for a while that SC2 would come about, but why no offical announment or updates at the very least? Seems they might have scraped the project :(

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Wow tough crowd ;) Well I just wanted to pop in here to say that on behalf of the entire development team for Fury Software (me) that I am still here :)

Consider me a lurker at the moment who is still keeping his eye on suggestion posts, (infact I added Edwin's post to my list of potential ideas) but since I prefer to work quietly on the next project until I'm almost there....

It may not be ideal for everyone but it's better for me (at the moment) if I don't put my foot in my mouth and make promises I can't keep... now if I had a PR guy and a development team with a huge budget perhaps it would be a different story, so all I can honestly ask for is everyone's patience.... believe me there is only so much one guy can do ;)

Once we (Battlefront and I) are comfortable with what we have to offer there will of course be announcements, just keep in mind that the last time around the game was only officially announced one month before release so this may be a reference to judge by ;)

Until then rest assured the development continues!


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now if I had a PR guy and a development team with a huge budget
We can't do much about that huge budget, but in our own way we have all been playtesters and have offered numerous development ideas here on the forum. As for PR, Rambo, Terif and Zappsweden have been helpful promoting the game through the league competitions. Dan Fenton and I put together the Strategy Guide. And many of us have provided graphics and scenario mods to Otto's SCHQ website. That's a pretty impressive PR and development team right there.

all I can honestly ask for is everyone's patience....
Most folks without any computer programming experience fail to grasp how difficult even minor changes can often be. And to significantly revise a code requires considerable effort. Fury Software is a one-man shop, which means we will all have to wait a while for Hubert to figure out what works and what doesn't. Knowing that he is in fact working on something and is trying to implement many of our hundreds of suggestions should be sufficient news for most. Thanks for the update Hubert!
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Sorry for scaring you, I am working on a software project (ERP not Games) and when I need a break (in this case at 3AM) I jot down a few ideas. Who knows it might or might not be something that could improve the next game from Fury Software. As a designer I frequently meet with vendors to get their input and incorporate the best ones that I find if it will improve the functionality of the package while maintaining ease of use.


Great News, Can't wait to see your next project. I like your policy of avoiding Vaporware / Lateware.

[ September 26, 2003, 08:08 PM: Message edited by: Edwin P. ]

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Would something like this be possible for the present SC editor -- applying only to airfleets?

.............AIRFLEETS Unlimited / Maximum

United States.......unlimited / limit ___

UK..................unlimited / limit ___

USSR................unlimited / limit ___

France..............unlimited / limit ___

Germany.............unlimited / limit ___

Italy...............unlimited / limit ___

[ September 26, 2003, 11:25 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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