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Humble Request for a Simple AI Update

Edwin P.

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I understand that no patches are forthcoming; however, a simple update to the AI would be most appreciated, even if it included only 2 or 3 improvements to the AI.

Ideas include;

1. When Italy Enters War French Corps in Beruit moves to Cairo.

(Expert 100%, Intermediate 50%, Beginner 0%)

2. Occasionaly on Turn 1 the UK Fleet Next to Egypt starts to move towards the North Atlantic.

3. Italian Sub attacks merchant shipping in Med.

4. German Subs in North Atlantic do not always move towards Ireland on turn one or always retreat to the north.

5. After Italy enters the war sometimes the Allies will move Corps in Gibraltor to Egypt via the Cape of Good Hope and the French Corps in Algeria to Gibraltor

6. Axis Attacks Denmark on Turn 1

(Expert 100%, Intermediate 50%, Beginner 0%)

7. UK Researches Longrange and Jets

8. Germany relcaims all tech chits if Russia takes Warsaw or Allies Liberate France.

(Expert 100%, Intermediate 50%, Beginner 0%)

9. AI checks to launch Allied invasion of Ireland at start of game and after US entersthe war. AI uses MPPs from Invasion to buy 1 chit in Long Range or Jets.

(Expert 50%, Intermediate 10%, Beginner 0%)

10. French Air Fleet moves to North England and disbands itself after France Surrenders giving the UK about 180MPP. UK uses this to purchase 1 tech chit in Longrange or Jets.

11. French Army Unit Moves to Manchester to become Free French.

12. UK Reclaims all tech chits if London, Manchester or Edinburgh falls to Axis.

(Expert 100%, Intermediate 50%, Beginner 0%)

13. Chance for AI to disband French Fleets & purchases corps.

(Beginner 0%, Intermediate 10%, Expert 20%)

14. Allied Fleets goes to Med to Attack Italian Fleet and then returns to Guard England. If so then France does not disband fleets (Option 13)

(Exper 30%, Intermediate 15%, Beginner 0%)

AI Example:

Turn 1 Allied Strategy Check (Occurs only on Turn1):

Does AI Prepare to Sink Italian Fleet when Italy enters the War?

--- NO then

----------Does AI Move UK Fleet in Egypt to Atlantic?

----------Does AI Disband French Fleet to buy corps for defense of France?

----------Does AI Attack Ireland?

----------Does AI hunt for German subs in the Atlantic with French and UK Atlantic Fleets?

----------Does AI send corps to coast of Bergan waiting to land if Germany attacks Norway?

----------Does AI attempt to protect Air Fleets and Carriers until D-Day.

---------------IF Yes then AI keeps carriers to north of Ireland and moves Air Fleets in UK North of Manchester to minimize damage from interceptions.

---- Yes then

---------- AI Moves French Naval Units to Malta

-----------AI Moves UK Fleet in Egypt to Malta

-----------AI moves UK Carriers south to Malta

-----------AI moves Half of UK English Fleet to Malta

-----------Does AI replace Air Fleet on Malta with Bomber?

15. Axis AI should know if Egypt is not garrisoned (5% per turn) due to Axis intelligence agents in Cairo . If not garrisoned then Italy should send a corps to conquer Egypt.

16. Italian Fleet should scout Eastern Med for UK Naval Fleet and if none is encountered then return to Guard Tobruk.

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