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AAR : Rambo Punk'd tour: Rambo (Axis) vs Zappsweden (Allies)


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March 1940:

Axis use their navy to battle Allied bombarders outside LC coast. Allies threw in a carrier and sunk one German cruiser (carrier badly damaged ofcourse).

In France, both sides suffer heavy losses. Axis punched a large hole in the border defence line. France respond by pulling back to Paris (except for Ardenner, mine and Maginot).

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Early Game:

1) Poland surrenders in December, that better than my usual. But I used a fighter the first turn, cause LC #2 to fail, that stunk.

2) LC went turn #3, along with Denmark.

3) Subs in N.Atlantic killed French Navy, that's a good way to go before dying.

4) I lost a cruiser in the English Channel, trying to run off the Allied Navy. Zapp got to heavily damaged ships, along with a carrier with damage.

5) On the ground, I did lose a Panzer & a bunch of ground units damaged.

6) I almost caught Paris napping with the Canadian. I sent all the Luftwaffen on the last turn, just missed getting the kill & trapping UK units mainland with a fall of France gamble move.

7) Italy joined.

France falls June 1940

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April 1941:

Axis fall back in southern Russia and set defence line from Poland to Romanian mountains. Around Riga, Russian L1 jets refuse to give an inch. Finland is saved by Italian ships and Axis transport landing. Russians fall back from the Finnish coast to avoid casualties.

In UK, Americans are landing to even out the odds. UK tank defending Manchester.

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Summer 1942 -

It's a game of cat & mouse.

1) Riga line is broken, the city taken. Six, yes, that's Six German carriers have been working the Riga/Lennigrad/Finland area. Minor neutral pawns are walking the snowy fields of Findland, while crack German Armies (2), walk towards Lennigrad. Russian Jets are in back conducting intercepts.

2) Middle Russia line has seen some limited action. Army Group North, led by 3-JagPanthers are backed into Poland as the efforts have been in the North.

3) Romania, Army Group South is in a defensive roll.

4) London England, still held by JagPanther. Luftwaffen is stationed in the London/Brussels area.

5) Iraq, Italian led Armies are exchanging pot shots on the Southern Russia border.

Known tech:

German -

AT +1

HT +2 (JagPanther)

LR +1 or better

Jets +3

Italy -

AT +1

GR +1


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Russia introduce L4 Jets to the world. They immediately push forward in Finland again. Axis carriers have been silent for a while, they are probably in ports repairing and preparing for their next mission.

Axis sent air fleet and bomber to Iraq to punch through the weak Russian corps defending the mountains. Russia had no choice but to send some air and HQ there to even out.

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