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2004 SC - MVP - Most Valuable Poster goes to......


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Kuniworth! Kuniworth! Kuniworth!


Kuniworth --- [1st] Receives the Green Jacket & is being heavily considered "being made" (see Goodfellows). He went from ban-club to fan-club. Survived many a battle with moderators & other Forum members to become Most Valuable Poster. He mixes the right amount of volume, humor, & game discussion. His '45 scenario proved to the world that this guy can be serious & is more than a "Lucky Clown". Kuniworth had some great historical posts in SC-2, regarding some general stuff, army backgrounds, Russian front, etc. Don't let anybody fool you, this guy is for real!

Eddie --- [Tied for 2nd] Came very, very close, he was hurt by the fact most of his postings are in the SC-2 Forum. Didn't get enough exposure on "Center Court" in this Forum. A very popular guy with the crowd. He the odds on favorite for next years jacket. Eddie, come to Center Court, mix in some new takes & you had this award. Good job in 2004.

Terif --- [Tied for 2nd] Also came very, very close. Yoda came out of the closet this year in the social aspect of the game & his amazing write-ups regarding strategy. Terif posts quickly, accurately, & with no baggage. Plus, Yoda already wears "green", why would the Champ need another green jacket? Yoda is worshipped world-wide & when he speaks, people listen. Among the Gerry crowd (PanzerLiga), this dude is somebody to be worshipped.

Curry & Bill --- [Tied for 3rd] These guys compete in a different category, they post to serve. Curry is well known as the PBEM League Adminstrator, doing a great job. Bill adds in playability, features, testing, scenarios, etc.

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Congratulations Kuni!

Well earned my friend. An incredibly tough field, I agree 100% with General Rambo's breakdown and the reason you took it.

Of course, any of the five candidates would be a perfect choice and have always been great assets to the SC Forum.

No ordinary parade would do, so we organized a special one!


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Ah gosh, LOL!

I guess we can consider this... a selection,

Oh pardon, and sure, sorry, I meant to say,

An "election" by... fait d' accompli? ;)

IOW, O wherever at is... the "official" vote count?

We don't really need one, you suggest?


As Josef Stalin once declared:

"It doesn't matter who CASTS the votes,

It only matters who COUNTS them!"

LOLOLOLOL! smile.gif

**[... yep, it happened

once upon a year 2000, in Florida

thissa strange fait... way, and

tomorrow... why, lookee toward

great grey-sky Ohio, all Yee

dis accompli'd folks! ;) ]

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Friends, I do so enjoy taking a moment out of my day to catch up with the goings-on in SC land! For the occasion, I feel I must acknowledge your cheap vaudeville sideshow with a few words...

Oh my gracious! Neighbors, what a positively stunning affirmation of the myriad contributions Mr K.Worth has made to these pea green and khaki halls! The laughter he brings to all may cause many a poster on these esteemed SC forums to consider wearing more absorbant under-garments. The wit, friends! I marvel!

It is only too unfortunate that his earlier attepts to deluge the GF with goofy-gags and zany one-liners (second only in quality to moldy navel-lint) were all for naught! He truly gives testament to the belief that you, good neighbors of slightly furrowed, heavy brow - often seem to drag your knuckles on the ground as you post!

*cue 'Wild Kingdom' chimp laughter track*

I salute you all, gentlemen - but I tip my hat to Tim the Enchanter for his groundbreaking style of truly caring about his neighbors! Never was a more technicolor imposter of sincerity able to so seemlessly channel the spirits of a past poster while simultaneously managing to invoke a kind of 'Mister Rodgers as a bed-wetting fratboy' mystique. Bravo!

Carry on friends! May Dr Carl Baker and Gaylord Focker continue to inspire you all toward your ultimate life goals!

[ October 18, 2004, 09:35 PM: Message edited by: Fairbairn-Sykes ]

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As originally posted by Fairbairn-Sykes:

Friends, I do so enjoy taking a moment out of my day to catch up on the goings-on in SC land!

Well, F-S,

Since you haven't been around much... and,

I should know since I've been here going on

Three years,

You likely couldn't remotely KNOW what

Is the most amazing happenings

In SC-land -- even should you consult

The local Curandero's curiously thrown

Chicken bones.

The ones that rattle around in that old

Upended Pz I turret housing. :eek:

And, where-at did that other low-brow, trash

The "local SC yokels" stuff come from?

None of that is yowl-cool, ol' alley cat. :cool:

Excuse, please, I was simply asking for

These SC folks

Whoso DECLARED a participatory voting process

Some several days ago,

To shake out the box... reveal the results,

So that all SC Citizens might see,

And sanction them,

As is appropriate to any quasi legitimate

"Selection election."

This is "in-house" stuff,

And I don't mind, and never have minded

Giving my OWN opinion on ANY matters

That arise herein.

To the extent that I have damn near as many

Padlocks as the all-time leader,


May even get another here, I don't care

A whistling nit-wit scat.

The thing is,

I have argued since time immemorial, or,

April of 2002, whichever comes first,

That I, personally,

Don't care for these little

"Our little special clubhouse" routines.

I don't belong.

Would never belong.

Could NOT belong even if I should want to,

Which I don't.

But those joining-up others can have ANY sort

Of inclusion-exclusion game they choose to,

Say la vie, fine by me. smile.gif


As per usual,

Each to their own.

Meanwhile, jjr,

As disinterested observer,

Where is that requested recount? ;)

Come to think of it, hmmmm,

I don't remember any votes being cast

In those FIRST two "selection elections"

Of 2002, or 2003,


Let's recount those while we're at it!

LOL! tongue.gif

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Thanks for putting up that link.

You posted an image that didn't show up except as a red dot (probably expires quickly by host site) but I ran it as a link and found a forum with galleries. It looks like a great place to look for things and become a member of.

Thanks again for posting it. ;)

< Soddball's Fun Forum Photography, Galleries and Threads >

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