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Free French, 1.06?

Andre Bolkonsky

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According to the release notes on 1.06, it states that to prevent excessive exportation of troops that France would surrender the turn France falls without a possibility of a counterattack.

Fine, Lucky Pierre is a Surrender Monkey; I have no problem with that.

My question lies in the Free French, which I thought had been eliminated but must have been mistaken.

Seemingly, no fleets survive the Vichy transformation. But the French air fleet and the "north africa to Malta" corps moved into position do survive.

So, am I correct in now assuming that what France can get to English soil still goes Free French? Everything else, fleets and units being transported, just dissolve?

My thanks in advance.

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None of the Free French rules were changed, so some of the French navy can still become Free French, but the primary change was wrt the capture of Paris. This was to avoid some of the gamey play where Allied players would move the bulk of their army out of France and fight on without surrender. Now surrender occurs immediately when Paris is captured and may limit the above approach.

It's not perfect mind you but there are consequences for bulk removal of the French land forces, for one a quicker surrender gives the Axis more buildup time for Barbarossa, and if the French abandon their Med. positions too early it may draw the Italians into the fray that much sooner. So there is still some flexibility and give in take for either approach depending on your overall strategy but with both approaches weighted more heavily now.


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