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Yet another COS/SC comparison


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I personally loved Clash of Steel (COS) and still do occasional "moslo" a "Future Addition" game now and then. I'm thrilled that Strategic Command is being worked on. To me, it appears to be so close to COS as it could be called "Clash of Steel 2". Some differences though I've noticed in my limited playing of the demo..

"Retreat is not an option". Apparently, units do not retreat is SC, unlike COS. I really liked the ability to surround units in COS and "eliminate" them instead of "dissolving" them. To me, it added a sense of tactical to the grand strategic compass of the game.

No combined attacks in SC. Apparently only individual units can attack other individual units. I haven't really tested this one yet on a really tough unit in SC but I guess the way to take out a high strength unit is with multiple individual attacks. I think the COS combined attacks were better and more realistic.

Naval battles. Mixed feelings here. I do like the ability to actually move individual naval untis and have actual naval battles in SC. COS naval combat was very abstract though perhaps more realistic. Seems that it will be much easier to make amphibious landings in SC.

There are many nice features of SC that I do like. Of course, the native Windows environment and updated graphics are wonderful. In addition...

MULTIPLAY....YEAH! One thing I had always wished COS had was a multiplayer option. COS, even at the hardest settings, was not really a challenge once you played a few games. I used to love starting in 1939, playing as the allies, and beating Germany with the French. I would buy SC for just the one reason that I could play against human opponents over the internet.

Ownership shading in SC is superior than that of COS. I get to see right away if I own a hex for tracing of suplly line purposes.

Remember the hokie combat icons in COS. Glad SC does not use those. I found them essentially useless. Only paid attention to the "Eliminated" icon.

Anyway, I glad someone has taken up this project.

SC looks like it will be a fun game.

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