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Interesting little AI test


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I wanted to see all of the minor country setups in the Gold demo, so as the Axis I declared war on everyone on the map. I then proceeded to play a couple of turns this way and the AI did some very nice things. To wit:

It moved most of the Spanish army to the Paris/Maginot area.

It moved a Turk, Brit, and Frog from the middle east to bolster the Russian front.

Turks and Greeks began to advance through Yugoslavia.

However, it seemed to be brain dead on the Swiss and Yugos, not moving either into Germany even though the way was open.

Then I tried the same experiment from the other side and that is when the AI looked really weak.

The Spanish did not budge, even though Bordeaux was wide open.

Again, the Swiss did not advance behind the Maginot line.

The various Balkan troops all stayed home when they would have been useful in northern Italy or Germany.

And the Swedish air unit sat in Sweden instead of deploying somewhere useful.

I only ran these tests a couple of times set on Expert +1, FOW off. You mileage may vary. Perhaps in a patch Hubert can up the aggressiveness or cause the "strategic AI" to make better use of these forces.

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Perhaps the various countries have their own constraints and limitations programmed into the game, based on what may be expected of them individually? The AI has to make sense for what is likely to happen in a game, and not necessarily for testing extreme situations. It is an interesting test though, and something Hubert should consider using for tweaking the AI in the future.

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yeah, you have to remember that "entering" the war on one side or another for a minor is not the same as for a major power

most of the minor countries were very reluctant to send any of their forces beyond a certain limit, and the forces they did send did not comprise the entirety of their armed forces

sure it would be nice if the entier spanish army got on a boat and invaded russia along with the rest, but i don't think franco would have sent 100% of his forces out, leaving nothing for home defense and security

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