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early attack on Italy


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D-Day (AH) might have been the first one, hard to say…

I don’t think getting all buffied up (supplied) around Marseille and then attacking the Italian Navy is anything new. There are also a couple key hexes to land corps units that can seriously hamper the Italian effort and most know about that. I do find it odd that nobody has mentioned just taking Rome. I’ve only done this against AI and it took me three tries before I got it right. It can be better, have to work on that. I honestly believe that it would be easier to pull off against a human player because of the settings one usually uses against AI making it a little tougher. I don’t see much that the Axis can do about it and beefing up the AI just gives the Italians experience they otherwise wouldn’t have. After the attack of course AI is like playing a door knob.

It’s a one shot deal for the most part and timing is the key factor. If the Italians come in too early it’s not going to work. France has to hold out for at least a little bit, just don’t get blown out.

French air fleet ends up in Marseille

Brit strat bomber ends up in the hex just west of Marseille

Canadian army goes to Adriatic Sea and sets up to land on the mountain hex east of Rome

Two armies from the UK need to be built as quickly as possible to land on both sides of Rome from the west. (timing is key to get those guys down there in time)

All UK carriers hanging around Marseille plus a few other ships.

The attack is obviously against Rome just before Italy declares war. The Corps in Rome shows up entrenched at level four. You should be attacking with a BB, the French air fleet, a UK strat bomber, three carriers, and three armies. That should do it but if not Rome is cut off and you should be in position to hit it again and it won’t be as strong or entrenched.

In case the initial attack doesn’t fly there are several safety things to consider. A French corps east of Marseille to prevent the Italians from walking in on the air units. A naval blockade to protect the carriers. And several other things I’m sure.

Keep in mind I just did this a couple days ago and I know it’s not even close to perfect. It might not even be a worthwhile idea? But all of a sudden “POOF” no Italians. No doubt a short visit in Italy but lots of pizza for a while! England is pretty much left wide open but keep in mind this happens before the fall of France. With all the extra pizza there’s time and $ available to make sure nothing nasty happens? Hold on a little and the French air ops out as well as the bomber.

If it does work there are only three hexes for the Germans to attack and liberate Italy because of Vichy and the Swiss. Regardless what happens after that, it’s going to take a while. In the mean time the pizza ships continues to sail.

Just an idea???

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First attempt (expert +1): tried it just using 1 army, 2 corps, carriers, BB, no land based air- bad idea, just not enough fire power

Second attempt (expert +1): loaded up this time with three armies, carriers, BB, no land based air, ended up a turn too late- disaster, this isn’t possible?

Third attempt (intermediate +1): worked this time per described before but I barely made it in time.

Italy showed up pretty much on schedule all three times. I’ll admit I pretty much suck when it comes to defending France even against AI so that doesn’t help any. Even during my last attempt France bit it right after Italy surrendered. At least I was allowed a turn to ops out the air unit.

Counting MMP’s and hexes is really key for the Brits. Normally I would have burnt the bomber for extra points but realized I needed that unit. If necessary I would burn a BB or CA for points to get the two armies down there in time. If Italy is toast that would be a small price to pay. Also I should mention that all three times I sent the Canadian corps to Venice in an effort to delay the expected counter attack and to cut off some hexes I wasn’t sure would be cut off. Like several other things I’m not sure about that one? This whole thing needs work but it’s closer and I no longer consider it impossible by any means.

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There are a few very good defenses to use as the French, Some would argue one is better than the other, but don't expect France to hold on beyond June '40 against any good to expert AXIS player.

Although there are some very exceptional Allied players on the Forum like Graves that can hold onto France later than 6/40 but his strategy requires commiting UK units and doing the Low Countries gambit. This strategy has one drawback if the line fails to early UK will be fighting an Up hill battle do in part to over committing UK units!

A well balanced defense in France is always a good Strategy!

If you would like I can post some of my thoughts on the matter?

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I ran some sims and did the numbers on a similar type attack without leaving england wide open to attack. (Why bother with rome if u lose london and paris?) And the best i could do was about 46% which needless to say would put u in such a bad possition if u fail u will more than likely lose the game anyway in the long run. I'd rather flip a cion my odds are better.

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Graves is a very fast learner. (smile Graves!)

Heuristic, you ran sims! (This is not good).

I shoot from the hip. Luck may get me there.

I did not know that Italy was vulnerable like that. I don't think it is, but thank you for the insight (I'm going to get slaughtered).

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