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Terif is a LEGEND, one bad-ass-mf


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There is no doubt about it. Terif is the best SC-player on planet Earth; for that matter the Milky Way. Are there any Angels in Heaven who can come down & beat this guy? I doubt it. I hearby declare Terif a Legend. He joins the ranks of myself, Sir Jersey, & ZappSweden.

He kicked my ass 3-times today. Can you say "Carrier"? I thought, how does he do it? His pieces are always in the right spot. He's that good, or has cheat passwords to the game that overides the FOW. It's the rules, carriers, cornercases, experience, etc...his units are ALWAYS in the right place at the right time.

Hers's another thought: 60 games * ~4 hours/ game = 240 hours. That's 6-weeks of full-time work. Then add practice time, reading rules, logging onto the computer, e-mail, posting, waiting, etc.

It's scary how much time people are putting into this game. Addictions are a bitch. At least this game only costs $25 & a dial-up of $15/month.

Who cares what you do? Maybe North Korea is going to Nuke our ass.

Hall of Legends:


Sir Jersey






Brian the Wise --- Where are you Brian?

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