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What happened to the Parade?


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[A pity those guys are so cheap: the photo placed here was a still of Al Pachino in the restaurant scene from first Godfather shooting the corrupt Police Captain and the Sicilian heroin suplier who had his father shot.]

"Ok, shoot me kid, but first tell me something, why'd Madmatt close that voting forum?"

"Cause nobody likes a crooked cop -- okay?"

"Can I say something, kid, even though you just shot me through the forehead?"

"Sure Palatzo."

"I think it's cause that last guy mentioned the Irish or something."

"Wait a minute -- and I'm the one got shot in the forehead, not you -- just sitting here twirling my spagehtti like a native, slurping down dago red when the kid here comes back from the jon with a revolver and --"

"Yeah, Yeah -- how about getting to the dman point already."

"Okay, kid, anything you say. You're both forgetting he also mentioned the Italians."

"Yeah but, Sterling --"

"Say your prayers you two --"

"Wait a minute kid, wasn't there also something about people marching and getting locked up and --"

"Yeah, and about the past couple of presidents being simpletons and perverts and --"

"And Hitler wanting to take over and --"

"And voting, something about voting."

"Hey, I voted twelve times last week."

"I voted seven, and I'm not even a citizen."

"Look guys, if I don't finish up and get home before seven my dad'll be --"

"Yeah, sure kid, but a little patience, okay?"

"And that space creature and nobody's got morals--"

"And something about a cheap swimming pool and holding parades or something."

"Think it mighta been about the parade?"

"Nah -- you dagos got Columbus day and --"

"And everyone but the Irish march in St Patties!"

"Palatzo, if I didn't already have a bullet in my forehead I'd --"

"Come on you two, I gotta get outta here!"

"Don't rush me, kid -- I used to be a great actor before you were even born."


"Yeah, sure, the great Sterling Hayden, only I kept getting you mixed up with Robert Ryan."


"We're the same person."

"Cheez, the things you learn when you're about to be murdered -- 'cept we still don't know why that Madmatt guy closed the --."

"I'm pulling the trigger, Palatzo."

"Sure kid, shoot away, but hurry -- MadMatt's probably on his way with a padlock!"

"The dago's right, kid, shoot away. Better to get plugged now than get locked up later."

"Ain't that Shakespeare or something?"

"Cheez -- kid, will you pull the damn trigger already!"

*** *** ***

"Okay kid, so it took twenty shots and half an hour for you to whack those two at the restaurant, don't worry about it, lotsa guys get sent back to remedial hit school 101, that's why I'm here, okay?


[And down here was a photo of Clemenza and Michael practicing with the revolver, Clemenza patiently instructing Michael on the intricate arts of mob assassination.]

"That's it, out and level and squeze the trigger nice and slow -- jeez, three years in the marines, you get out a captain, and they never showed you how to blow a guy's head off -- it's amazing, just amazing. -- You're lucky you got family or you'd never learn these things -- okay, next we practice the garotte. It's fun, you'll like it. Best thing is it's so simple, all you need is some rope or a strap or a tie, most anything'll do!"

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