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AAR 3H - Desaix (Axis) vs Terif (Allies)

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July 13, 1941:

- Russia is preparing for war, Barbarossa has to start next turn

- UK air from Africa operates back to England, all 4 carriers + battleship bombard Brest, transport approaching the city.

- Germany still has 2 AFs in the west (Paris+Brussel) and 1 AF+Bomber+HQ in Sicily. So Barbarossa will be lacking air support (7 german air in service, so max 3 against Russia)

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July 27, 1941:

- Odessa army evacuated, 3 other armies in the north have a small chance to survive, german tank cut off.

- England starts an offensive in France. Germany moved its 2 AFs there into open terrain in middle France. 3 AFs and the carriers make short process with them: both AFs shot down

- Finland joined Axis, russian cruisers bombarding Helsinki.

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August 10, 1941:

- Brest conquered, 2 axis corps destroyed in the process

- Kiev abandoned, defence line established behind the southern river. Wavel HQ and 5 UK armies/tanks/corps defend the middle part of the line, fighting side by side with their russian brothers. Riga and Minsk fortified, northern defence lines behind the rivers/swamps

- Finish army destroyed, russian forces move deep into Finland

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August 24, 1941:

- 2 damaged german corps in front of Riga and Minsk killed.

- Helsinki corps destroyed, city empty but no unit in reach, will be occupied next turn

- carriers bombarding Bordeaux, ships bombarding Bilbao, ground forces moving towards the heart of France. German tank operated to Paris.

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-Building of defences in France

-Kiev assault launched with strong air support.

-Ligth attack on Riga to prevent it to entrench

-Troops moving toward centrale mine and getting ready for the assault.

Axis keep easy neutral (Norway, Portugal) free for now to delay US intervention.

Vichy stays neutral as it is more usefull as defense line in France and buffer zone between Spain and English Africa booming colonnies...

This last thing migth be reconsidered pretty soon as most English moved to Russia when they heard about Russia Vodka...

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September 7, 1941:

- Minsk is lost, attacking russian tank did not enough damage, so the counter got cancelled and the corps north of the city reinforced.

- the bulgarian army in front of the central russian mine survives 3 tank attacks also at str 2.

- last finsih unit destroyed, Finland surrenders

- Russian Vodka tastes excellent, so some more UK units wants to go to Russia. But first they have to liberate France...Spanish supply cut off between Bordeaux and Paris. Carriers, UK air and 4 ships training at some italian corps.

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October 5, 1941:

- carrier+AF training in France. Without USA in the war (readiness 68%), Allies are lacking ground units in France, so they canĀ“t advance at the moment

Mass destruction in Russia:

- corps in front of Riga killed

- Bulgarian str 2 army moved south but was still placed at the front...so UK and russian forces destroy it and damage Rundstedt HQ in the rear.

- around the central mine a huge battle accompanied by airbattles (both Germany + Russia lv 0 jets) starts: german tank and army destroyed, another army reduced to str 4.

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Not much in the West as Allies are not moving.

In Russia, numerous counter on Russian corps but no major destruction, lack of AF is a pain. 2 russian corps down to 1...

Germans troops stoped and gathered to be less open to counters and to figth back in a better position.

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November 2, 1941:

- italian corps near Paris killed, Bordeaux from 3 sides under attack and bombarded by 4 carriers: survives at str 1

- german army near Riga reduced to str 4 as retaliation for the destruction of a russian cruiser in Riga port last turn

- demilitarised zone in the southern part of Russia establised: after their successful operation in enemy territories, allied forces move back into defensive positions behind the river

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November 30, 1941:

- Tirpitz battleship sunk during the bombardement of Riga, no german navy any more

- Bulgarian army near Sewastopol eliminated by a combined UK/russian task force of corps, army and tank.

- Italians need some more childrens... 2 corps bite the dust in France, Bordeaux conquered. Bilbao reduced to str 1.

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Mmm.. Not much happening this turn...

- Germans killed a corps next to Riga and moves a Panzer in the place... 3 units around Riga now...

- Praying the Gods of tech...

Btw, why are you bombing French mines and not italian corps around Paris ? I think you made an

targeting error so to help you I moved an Italian corps in the mine to check what the hell you where bombing there...

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January 11, 1942:

- german tank next to Riga removed...2 enemy units around Riga now..

- Germany got jets 1, Russia at lv 0, UK discovered lv 3 last turn. All german air still in Russia

- one italian corps killed in France, seems italian birth rate needs to be increased...only 1 italian left within range...british pilots demanding for more targets.

- UK forces entering Spain, approaching Bilbao

- US readiness at 80%

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Axis faces its incapacity to progress or to counter anymore:

- Casualities of spaghettis are causing riots amongst Italian women population...

- A last attempt was maid by an Italian sub to sink one of this UK carrier but failed due a protecting Uk sub.

- Wermarcht is unable to get Riga in reasonnable time, after couple of month of unsuccesful attemps, some more AF would have been needed. Some officers have been hanged.

- In Kiev area the huge Russian and English army prevent any further assault.

- Production is not sufficient for the war.

Axis surrender and Adolf is exiled to the Spitzberg.

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