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AAR 3H - Desaix (Axis) vs Terif (Allies)


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So here we go... We'll play mirror games with the 3H mod so I can learn from Terif and test the mod...

We start it in pbem and may do some part on TCP...

Options are:

- No Free French

- Minor historical

House rules: no land on dow and no AA.

We used 1/1/2/10 (Fr/Uk/US/USSR) bid system and used a 100 bid. That makes 100 mpps UK, 100 France, 200 USA, 3000 Russia (as I set a base of 2000 to Russia in the mod now).

Turn 1

No much, invasion of Poland going on, no Breakthrough. (In this mod, Poland may fall in turn 1 with a breakthrough and some German commitement)

Dow on Danemark, naval bombing only.


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German sub sunk in return, the second one damaged - only french ships nearby to be attacked by the sub smile.gif . Sub in the Med also attacked and reduced to str 1.

French defenders entrenching and waiting for the enemy - some british expeditionary forces occupy the empty hex SW of Brussel.

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Novembre 39

Another French ship was sunk in Atlantic during allies sub hunt operations... British sub spoted next to Canadian coast. Allies are doing sub hunt with unfinished ships at strengh 1 !?!...

Med Uboat killed attempting to escape a British carrier.

Denmark surrender. German troops moved to LC... The British corps there is destroyed.

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Allies turn 3:

The french ships sacrificed their lives to spot the subs and protect the more valuable british fleets smile.gif .

The last 2 subs in the Atlantic sunk, the german cruiser surounded and heavily damaged - a horde of 12 british ships (including some str 1/2 ships :D ) + 2 carriers did their job smile.gif .

So all 4 german subs outside the baltic dead now, the cruiser will follow next turn.

LC: German understrength corps SW of Brussel killed in return and replaced by a french one.

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Graf von Spee battle ship figth back for the last stand of Kriegsmarine in the Atlantic damaging the Royal Oak (to 3)...

Rodney battleship, patroling LC coast, was sunk by Lufwafe and Uboat combined action...

One French army destroyed and Ardennes taken...

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Jan 1940

Another French army killed and a German army advanced in France. Of course Manstein is leading the operations...

Hood cuiser sunk in London Harbour by sub, battleships and bombers . Channel is under Kriegsmarine's control now.

Italy already at 88 perc, something is happening in the med...

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Allies turn 5:

Allied navy (including a french task force) takes revenge and sinks a german battleship. The sub survives at str 3 by diving.

French med units arrive in France to help the defenders - since Ireland starts allied, italian readiness will not be increased by an allied DoW and they can leave the Med empty for some turns. Now positions are occupied again by UK units smile.gif .

Without free french option the french Med units move to their home country to die in battle smile.gif .

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Axis Turn 6

Battles for Channel control : King George V battle ship and a Bitish ship sunk another sub and a cruiser hit... One Uboat lost int the battles...

Channel still disputed...

In France 3 French corps destoryed, French mines taken, Germans slowly advancing, no more allies units in LC...

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Allies turn 6:

Also not enough ground units left, so 1 exposed hex has to be left empty at the front, otherwise defence line in good shape.

Around London the victorious combined french-british fleet returns from the sub hunt. Over a dozen experienced battleship and cruiser divisions arrive: German ship destroyed, another one + sub surounded and heavily damaged, the str 3 UK sub went on a last suicide mission and sacrificed its live for the queeen :D .

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Axis turn 7

Prinz Eugen cruiser escaped the British trap... One more British ship sunk and another one down to 1...

Channel is English again... for couple of days smile.gif

Germans advancing toward Paris, some French corps killed and some english ones hit... One Panzer have been sent far ahead to check Paris defences...

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Allies turn 7:

Prinz Eugen escaped at str 6, but 2 more german subs are at the bottom of the sea, another sub damaged smile.gif . Now it is also clear why Germany only has 3 AFs: most of its mpps had been used to reinforce the understrength (originally 4,4,6,8) subs to full strength, costs around 468 mpps - so these mpps are missing in the french campaign smile.gif .

In France the scouting tank that moved too far away from its own troops gets destroyed by several french armies, defence line set up again.

Time for some action in the Med:

During the last turns Allies prepared a preemptive strike against Italy - that´s why readiness was rising again smile.gif (Allies have to use the french ships before they will surrender when Paris falls):

Allies DoW Italy. A surprise attack by the french navy destroyed cruiser, sub and a battleship, second battleship reduced to str 6 in port - only one UK ship will have to die next turn for this operation :D . Several army and corps transports standing at the italian costs - landing not allowed this turn, but in the following one. A greek army bravely attacks Albania.

Losses so far:

Germany: 7 subs, 3 ships.....(2 subs, 3 ships left)

Italy: 1 sub, 2 ships............(2 ships left)

France: 2 ships...................(5 subs, 4 ships left)

UK: 2 subs, 4 ships.............(1 sub, 17 ships left)

[ December 31, 2004, 02:38 AM: Message edited by: Terif ]

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The treachous English finaly droped the mask ! These kings ruled countries are a danger to the world... we will bring them democracy ! ;)

In France, 3 French armies destroyed, German troops next to Paris now... Big naval battle again in the North sea... 4 British ships sunk...

In Italy, Italian army attacked english corps in Marseille. Greeks are just ignored, they dont deserve any better...

Navy reinforced in Naples, cruiser fougth back in Venice and sunk an English ship.

England has sent a lot of troops to land in Africa, Italian had to regroup all their troops around Tobruk.

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May 12, 1940 (Allies T 8):

- UK units in France retreat to ports, 4 french units defend Paris and build a straight line from the channel south. Paris fully entrenched, should survive one more turn since only 1 german AF in range - bomber also too far away and used for ship hunting.

- The last french ships go on kamikaze mode :D ...3 of them sacrificed to damage the italian ships in port and to spot the german sub near Denmark, both german subs heavily damaged (str 2 + 6), Prinz Eugen down to str 5.

- french Beirut corps land near Bari, cut off Sicilys supply and damages the battleship in port.

- Tripoli empty and occupied

- italian army near Tobruk destroyed by a combined land-sea-air operation (UK + greek army landed),Tobruk under heavy attacks, UK transports around the italian mainland. Greek army again reduces the italian defenders in Albania.

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June 9, 1940:

- The last defender in Paris attacks and reduces german 10th army to str 4, France will fall next axis turn

- suicide attacks by the french ships: german sub near Denmark damaged, but not enough to finish it off with UK ships, so they retreat to Scapa Flow. Italian battleship in Bari port destroyed (UK corps landed to attack it in port), Vittorio BB in Triest at str 5. Only 4 heavily damaged (max str 4)french ships survived the kamikaze orders :D .

- Tobruk garrison attacked from all 4 sides and reduced to str 1. Sicily under carrier and battleship attacks.

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-Paris taken, France surrenders

-Rundstedt seny to Italy with some AF and troops to clear the area... Allies are bombing and preparing landing in Sicily.

-Italian started Greece invasion... without any surprise they dont do very good so far

-Tobruk surrounded but holding so far

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30 June 1940

-Bordeau taken, was emptied by Allies

-Palermo port bombed but not enough

-More italians corps sent to Greece, the only Greek army is down to 5. The other one is in Africa.

-Troops getting ready for the next operations

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14 July 1940

A British coprs in Brest has missed the last boat to England it seems... Last call for him, next turn it will be to late... (we'll see if propagand work smile.gif )

In Italy, one English corps killed, Napoli port bombed for good, a UK corps traped in Sicily.

In Greece, Italian are landing more troops and advancing. One greek army destroyed in the mountains and Italian scouts are next to Athenes.

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Brest port bombed, german scouts start to kill the English there...

In Sicily, the British corps in Napoli has been slaughtered, the empty city will be taken next turn...

In Greece, a germany army and HQ have been sent to support Italians....

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