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Nominate & Vote here for SC-MVP 2004 [Most Valuable Poster]


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It's that time of the year, time to vote for the Most Valuable Poster of the year 2004. I would like to nominate (in no particular order two guys). Remember, this award is for Most Valuable Poster, not Most Valuable Player.

Terif --- He's in a groove this year, helping newbies, sharing some strategy, & providing solid technical write-ups. Yoda has his own personal following of Clones due to more than just his great game play. His ratio of Good/Bad posts make him a strong candidate (94% clip). He was a somewhat unknown & distant poster in 2003, involved mostly in competitive situations. In 2004, Yoda reinvented his image mentoring alot of the kids thru thoughtful & useful written posts.

Kuniworth --- He's gone from ban-club to fan-club. We've seen this little Swedish Internet Line Camper go from loser to cult leader. Has rebuilt relationships with the Moderators, Legends, & the historical guys. His surprise '45 scenario brought him over the top, to get nominated for the award, along with Ryder Cup, & a nice touch of humor.

Please nominate others if you'd like or just vote & add comments. I will be casting my vote later.

Previous winners:

Sir Jersey 2003 --- Surged to the top by exhibiting strong history & branching other Forums.

Rambo 2002 --- Before anybody did it, Legend did it.

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Eddie P --- This dude has been an evangelist for SC-2. This guy is a younger Sir Jersey John, on a mission for improvement features. If you've spent anytime in the SC-2 Blitzkreg Forum, you'd know this new Icon. Eddie is focused, writes sincerly, & works well in the SC-family. He's also respected by his peers & is a good listener. Another fine choice...

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Tough Field Brother Rambo.

Maybe it should be divided into categories? Like the Cy Young branching off from MVP Award.

Terif is always there helping out and naturally had that fantastic winning streak against great competition.

EdwinP is tops at suggesting game improvements and clarifying concepts.

Kuniworth Keeps the two forums loose but also does a lot more, as evidenced in his great suggestions at the SC2 site. Plus he's made his incredible return from oblivion.

Voting for any one and not the other two would be very tough.

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I would like to nominate Curry for starting and running the PBEM league. Since it's beginning the league has become the biggest and most active community of SC players around the globe.

I think there's more to say for that than anyother poster out there this year. Consider also that Curry is a very active member of this community and is always willing to help people out.

He's got my vote.

In second place there's Edwin, no doubt about it, his posting will hopefully inspire Mr. H to make SC2 what we would like it to be.

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Camp Kuni nominates the following;


Bill Macon aka pzgndr

Achievement of the year

Dr Carl Baker for locking the Ronald Reagan thread.

Rookie of the year

Aesopo123 aka AssmyPoo, Masterreich killer

The Kuni - funny award

Lucky Zebra aka Lucky Hippo, Herr Zebra, Lucky Elephant, Lucky Zorba(?)

Winner 2003: Kurt88

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Kurt & Kuniworth

These awards are really great because if we come up with a few more we'll have enough to distribute and there'll be one for each SC member!

How about the,

Please Come Back oh Two Headed Psychotic Hydra Award

Nominated -- EV and Dgaad

For the most hilarious running battle between an arch Stalinist and his American arch nemesis, 2002. :D

A typical example of those two conversing:

[EV] "Joseph Stalin was responsible for more German deaths than anyone else!"

[Dgaad] -- "You mean Russian deaths, don't you? In which case, I agree."

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