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Strategic Command and Smack Talk and this forum


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I have been thinking about this for a while.

I have been seeing some of this for a while.

I know Mr. Moon will bump this soon, either to the general discussion area, or to the pits of hell. But they, these games makers, gave me the opportunity to talk/vote/voice my opionion/smacktalk/whatever. And these are my opinions:

Smack talk is ok, and cool. I do it sometimes too. As long as it's not personnal. (I made a thread of the top seven reasons why posts get moved. Archibald slammed me, and Moon moved it or killed it (I don't know). And rightly so).

The people who play this game are an intense group of folks. I have read about cheating, which I discard (anyone who cheats, at this point in time of life would not have got to this point of thinking. I could be wrong). I have read some seriously confrontational comments. I have read anger.

I do not know where it all comes from. And I do not know the why of it. This is a game. And this a forum about the game. It's ancilaries (sp-where is spell check when you need it) of history, creates additional opportunity to comment, share, learn, understand. I think that the majority of us here, are interested in history.

This game excites me. I love this game. I have yet to play a person who is not personable. I read what all of you say, even those who are belligerent and those of you who talk too long (like I am now).

When I am here, talking or playing, I am here to share. You want strategies. I'll give you mine, for what they are worth. You want opinions, well, I have those too. You want smack! I have that too, but it's not personal. But the smack I have/give is not personal, is not attacking, is not browbeating, is not so so angry. Sometimes I think some of the folks here want to shoot or stab each other. Over a game. Or an idea. Or a thought. Or an opinion. I'm kidding a bit on that. We here are too intellectual. But still.

My opinion: Let's lighten it up a bit here. There are game questions. There are games strategies. There are memories of the games we loved and enjoy and still do. There is enough conflict out there, in our real world that we don't have to bring it here.

That's just my opinion.

ps: Bump me Mr. Moon.

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I think that smack talk is fine. in fact, the CM forums do fine with a dedicated thread for smack talkers, with their own traditions and place work well. IF you want to indulge then fine. THat way, admonishing someone like rambeaux is not a problem becasue you can point them in a direction to go and express themselves. Until that happens, I'm not sure what can be done about it... other then throwing every single tough guy post into the genreal forum for a feeding frenzy perhaps. But that would be too cruel, don't you think?

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Hello Everybody,

I'm sending this official message from Camp Rambo regarding playing my Challenge Matches on TCP/IP instead of PBEM. I'm tired of the bogus results.

I'm getting games sent back with Re-Loads. (Not like

you can't re-download it & cheat that way)

I'm getting games with laughable combat results.

I'm sick & tired of the bogus naval combat movement &

results. My favorite watched cheater move is the

"Send the Damaged Ships (like strength 1 or 2)" just

perfectly to spot.

For those who know me or we aren't playing, please

IGNORE this message. For those who don't cheat,

please IGNORE this message. For those who want to

continue or play, this is my Challenge Cup policy.

For those who cheat, re-read.

This has been an official message from Camp Rambo

Rambo, Captain of Team-USA

[ December 21, 2002, 09:47 PM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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'No more trash talking from you young man....You think I'm this cute, ugly alien.....but you've never seen me pissed off. I can make this finger do all kinds of things I haven't told you about and some of them aren't pretty...So mind your manners around here....Or I'm going have to introduce you to my cousin Frank....And you don't want to meet Frank....I can tell you that much."

[ December 21, 2002, 09:55 PM: Message edited by: General Billote ]

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Sorry Captain of Team "my girlfirend baahs" Rambutsky but I beleive it was Irish Guards who called you first on all these cheat moves you are suddenly whining about others pulling. Funny, sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Trolls like you who live in dark spaces and drool overmuch are the bane of our games and are one of the reasons people look askance at wargamers.

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General Billote a.k.a. "Fast Eddie" from Planet Zirkoisian 90 -- a note from your cousin Frankie.

"Come on already, just vaporize that brat and let's go screw up some more of Rambo's game messages -- you're right, he thinks it's his opponents!"


[ December 21, 2002, 10:03 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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J P Wagner


...A plea to cut down on the smack ends up causing what?...smack...gotta luv it!...


IP: Logged

LOL :eek:

[ December 21, 2002, 11:20 PM: Message edited by: Yohan ]

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I am almost sorry that I posted this.

Rambo is rambo.He doesn't cheat. He almost earns the right to brag (though when I play him, somehow he loses). He just brags too much.

That said, I think some one needs to make rambo lose. I have done this. The game is over, even should he try to forstall it.

It's not gravy rights. I would love to play Bruce, or Brad, or any who are a bit less "hasty".

And actually anyone. It's a great game.The best I have ever known since War in Russia (those old days) and 3rd.

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Point well taken Brian. This is a game for history buffs and a wonderful way to meet people with similar interests. Some of the oldest hands on this board routinely say "I will play anybody". And I've heard more than one seasoned player report that the newb they were playing played so strangely that they were have having a hard time beating them! If this game and community was all about being King of the Mountain we would all be playing King of the Mountain.

[ December 22, 2002, 12:08 AM: Message edited by: General Billote ]

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Yohan, I actually was (inspired to speak this topic because of the pissing match).

Rambo is a riler. He is in your face! He is outloud, he is baggadousess (sp). He talks a good game, but frankly, he does not play well.

Just my opinion. Hubert would crush him.

I don't mean to brag, it is not my way (wisdom is kind advice and never given if not wanted)

Rambo is humbled. This tray is level. All is good.

Brian the honestly now very wise at all.

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