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AAR: Two TCP/IP newbies fighting it out in Fall Weiss 1939

Tuomas Seijavuori

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I hosted a game for AxisGeneral and myself. Fall Weiss 1939, I'm Allied. We are both new to TCP/IP so I thought a "Low Countries gambit" might do the trick. The darned LC Corps didn't die, of course, and thus I left a hole in my line. Which AxisGeneral exploited masterfully. Still, it took him awfully long to take Paris, because I got lucky in the defense after the breakthrough. I also tried to maximize damage to his Panzers and managed to save my FAF air group.

Heavy naval battles in the Med. I sunk his sub, a cruiser and a Battleship, losing a battleship and getting lots of damage to all my naval units.

Axis conquered Yugoslavia, but none of the Nordic countries. USSR only 71% ready to join. Undoubtedly thanks to my Low Countries move.

Hunted down and sank both German subs in the Atlantic.

We'll continue at 4 pm GMT on Sunday. Stay tuned.

PS. I'm ready for a new game right now. My ability to continue tomorrow is limited (because I have to play AxisGeneral at 4) but if that's not a problem, drop me a line. My ICQ# is 11928634. Relatively inexperienced TCP/IP players preferred... I've played the game for about one week.

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