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AAR - ISCL game, Avatar (Axis 225) vs Rambo (Allies)


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July 41:

russia 78%, US 86%.

On the verge of alexandria, UK lost an AF there, and will lose Alexandria next turn guaranteed. 2 Brit corps cut off west of alexandria. Cookie-cutter strategy pulled off remarkably well for my lack of experience on the Axis side. Greece had to be conquered pre-USSR because Tobruk was taken. LR 2, Jet 1 are only techs right now for Germans... Things could look bleak for allies after entire UK fleet sunk, except for the 3 carriers + 1 BB. Italian fleet all sunk save 1 BB. Was even losses I think. BTW, this is the first time I play Axis this long into the game (without allied player quitting), and I realize how easy it is. Cookie-cutter is too strong. Getting Spain and Gib. make guarding coastline too easy. I'm intending to massacre all the front-line russian pieces (ala Terif), and destroy Russia. UK losses have been too high, and western allies won't be able to do ****. We'll see though.

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