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Kurt88 awarded Kuniworth's SC Forum merit of making pewople ROTFLMAO


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Thanks Captain! That's too kind of you.

But come on.I mean did you ever see those commercials where Bjorn Borg (Swedish tennis player,I believe) advertises his line of underwear? Didn't you notice all the spots on the white shorts and panties?

Since then we Belgian people look a bit different on to the Swedes! ;)

[ September 29, 2003, 06:30 PM: Message edited by: kurt88 ]

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In fact this becomes Kuniworth's last thread, too, as he's just been banned for off-topic posting.

Kuniworth had been banned before for spamming the forum with off-topic nonsense, and left back in on "probation". As the "forum rules" featured thread on top of this forum says, we're enforcing strict rules for the time being. Frankly, the signal-to-noise ratio has been very bad on this forum in the past, and so has been Kuniworth's posting record. This thread is one of many noisy contributions, and we're convinced that the forum will be better off without him.


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