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Anybody interesting in playing mods, while waiting for SC-2...good for burnout too.

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Hi fellow SC-players,

The majority of the vets are burned out in competitive play & are awaiting SC-2, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying trying mod-games if anybody is interested. Codename Condor & I played one, great fun, even though we quickly figured out the Allies were heavily favored (Allies won 4 out of 4 games).

If interested in TCP/IP play with mods or scenarios other than '39-Campaign, let me know. We can play the slanted games (mirrored) & see who can win the quickest too.

Something new, with something old smile.gif

I live in Mountain Time, USA, soon to be Pacific time. Can play evenings & some weekends with appointment (got my golf game, family, yard work, regualr work & life).


ICQ # 234993018

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