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SC2 and AI Ideas

Edwin P.

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I have been quite pleased with SC, but as I only play Single Player the AI has become too predictable.

For SC2 I would like to see the AI include user modifiable AI like that included in Hearts of Iron (HOI). Ideally, players could even share their routines, so a player who does not go on-line could face an AI based on Terif's or Rambo's tactics. These tactics coulds even be posted on a forum for downloading by players.

Execution of this idea would require one or more sets of user modifiable text files;

1. General Strategy AI

At the simplest level the general strategy AI would tell the AI what countries to attack and in what order. Poland > Demark > Norway > Belgium > France or Poland > Belgium > France > Denmark > Yugoslavia. It could also tell the AI what types of units to buy in what order and when. For example after taking Poland buy 1 Air or buy 1 Tank.

At a more advanced level it would include a branching tree structure that responds to the situation on the battle field. Telling the AI not to invade France unless xxxxx and then to use tactic 1 or tactic 2. Or if Moscow is threated and Stalingrad has fallen to use the defend Moscow routine (ie cash in all research investments to buy more units)

2. Operational Tactics AI

Would allow for the design of optimal battle tactics. For example - If Strategic AI for Italy decides to take Greece then AI would accces the Greece Invasion Routine where instructions on how to execute an invasion (to take Greece in 1 turn)are included.

3. Research AI

The Research AI routine would allow for research focus to be modified (ie 1st point in Jets, 2nd Point in AntiTank) and adjusted based on intellgence(ie If Germany has Level 3 Jets and UK has Level 0 Jets, Next UK Research Point Goes to Jets or If Germany has Level 3 Subs and More than 5 subs then Next UK Research Point goes into Anti-Sub Research.

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Agreed with everything you said-of course I think

you want to use the "branching" thingie, otherwise

an even sound strategic policy would founder if

your opponent knew what was coming. You could

get into game theory tables, or a simplified

version of same, if you like (e. g. all other

things being equal and absent any pertinent

intelligence, try a Sea Lion 25% of the time,

and minors + Russia the other 75% of the time).

I dunno why strategic/wargame designers are so

reluctant to make their AI's open source code.

If they did (and what I suppose are some fairly

hairy legal entanglements were sorted out), then

all the complaints (a la MOO3, the latest example),

we always read about the AI of various games

would be moot, as the user base would write the

AI for you.

A true learning AI is the ultimate step. As a

complete ignoramus :D of such things, I wonder

what system resources + coding time would be

required to get a learning AI up and running. It

would be kewl to do a successful Dutch Gambit as

the Allies, then in your next Axis game see pretty

much the exact same tactics used against you!

John DiFool

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Edwin P.

I also play primarily against the AI and that usually only to test out scenario ideas.

Make every effort to keep some PBEM games going. Try playing the Axis in some and Allies in others. Otherwise you'll find yourself developing horrible playing techniques using tactics that only work against the AI.

When playing the AI turn the FOW off for the computer's sake. We've been bugging Hubert to have a setting where FOW can be OFF for the AI while being ON for the human. He hasn't commented yet but I think (hope) we'll see it in a late patch, along with an expanded scenario editor.

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