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Too funny

Les the Sarge 9-1

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Ok I won't say the guys name, so that his CM friends won't hassle him too much hehe.

But I had a CM player ask me for a game of PBEM the other day.

Well of course I thought he meant SC of course, after all it was him asking me smile.gif

But when I set up a game and sent him turn one, he was not able to use the save game file.

Makes sense, as an SC save file is not much good for playing CMAK after all hehe.

Well I tried to send him the file 3 times thinking he must have just accidentally renamed it or something.

And on the last email he made a slight reference to CM. Well I figure nope, no one could be that dumb, clearly I am talking about SC all over the conversation.

But the funny thing was, I had sent him the Overlord campaign to play. And he was thinking, hmmm surely the guy can't be that dumb, it's Italy not Normandy we are playing in.

Guess we both lose out smile.gif

He was not able to distinguish a request to play SC by PBEM, and sadly, hehe he has not heard of me (how could he possibly wonder if I was not a bit stupid and unlearned in military history smile.gif ).

Darn my reputation doesn't extend into the CM forum universe here.

Maybe I should go in there and "explain" how great I am heheh.

Those CM guys need to get out of the CM forum more often hehe.

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Interesting mixup.

A lot of the CM guys post regularly at the GF, it really seems to be an extension of their Forum. Most are easy to get along with but I've found some to be, well, lets' leave it as I've found them to be sor of... okay?

While venturing around that strange terrain be sure to wear thick riding boots; never know what you might thread upon. ;)

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Makes sense, as an SC save file is not much good for playing CMAK after all hehe
Ha, makes sense today. Tomorrow's games and AIs and file converters may be more dangerous. What if CM interpreted the SC file anyway, and translated it into what it thought you meant, and then went ahead and played the turn? And vice versa. You guys could be playing two different games thinking the other is a complete idiot, all the while the evil Master CPU (like from Tron) is laughing behind your back. Muhahaha! :eek: :D
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