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D-Day Celebrations


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I wanted to say something on the 6th but I couldn't come up with anything that I felt did anyone any justice.

I watched the D-Day celebrations/comemeration (why cant I spell that) on TV on Sunday and I had a lump in my throat listening and watching those old guys telling their stories and getting choked up themselves.

We owe that generation a debt of gratitude and a damn site more respect and care than a lot of them receive in these commercial/consumer/instant gratification days.

In the forties your average serviceman (on all sides) was drafted so for the most part WW2 was fought out between ordinary guys and that to me makes their heroism and commitment all the more impressive.

I cant imagine todays 20 somethings doing the same.

So let us never forget those old men, whom use walking sticks or have wheelchairs and make us feel uncomfortable at their infirmity because they were once soldiers and young proud men.

My gratitude to the men who ensured my freedom.


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There's a wide beach near my house. Looking across and slightly to the north you used to be able to see the World Trade Towers across the bay in the distance.

I went there on June 6th and sat a while looking off into that empty space and then at the waves pounding against the sand.

Strange how these things sometimes tie into one another.

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