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The Scandanavian option?

Col. Kurtz

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I have a newbie question concerning the strategy for the Allies second front after the Axis invasion of Russia. In all of the AAR's I have read the Allies inevitably invade in France. Why is Scandanavia never chosen? There is a 100 point MPP swing if the Allies control Scandanavia. If the Allies seal off the ports I presume ground units cannot be operated or transported there when the Allies attack. And if the Allies are there in force it would certainly be difficult for the Axis to conquer. So why is it never attacked?

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Much more difficult against a human than the AI. One of the lessons many new players learn playing also. yes its a great option to have the western allies attack Norway and the Russian attack Finland and meet in Sweden. But that is an option on paper, against a good player that is hard to accomplish.

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Things that make it hard to liberate Scandinavia:

1) Very defendable for the Axis.

2) Movement is a nightmare.

3) Supply is a nightmare for the invading forces.

4) Not within range of land based air support (except for maybe Bergen).

5) Well within range of Luftwaffe air support.

6) Most of Scandinavia is surrounded by the Baltic (the Germany Navy's back yard).

7) Germany doesn't need to commit many units to defend Scandinavia, while Allies must commit many units to take it.

8) The Axis, knowing that all your forces are tied up in Scandinavia, can withdraw forces from France and commit them to the Eastern Front without worry.

In conclusion, the cost of liberating Scandinavia far exceeds any gains you may get from it.

Cost meaning unit losses, MPPs (for movement), time, and the Axis knowing where your forces are (they don't have to worry about a full scale ground operation elsewhere).

Hope this helps. ;)

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Small diversions (i.e. corps) into Scandinavia are the best way to divert Axis resources, as by landing in the right place you can cut off supply from Germany.

This will reduce production in the cut off territories from 80% to 50%, and it will also encourage the Axis player to provide garrisons to prevent you from doing this. Again, this will cost him MPPs.

Landing just to the west of Kiel in NW Germany is the best place, but it is often strongly guarded. Therefore you can always attempt to land (and an attempt is nearly as good as an actual landing, providing that he doesn't hit your corps with the Kriegsmarine or the Luftwaffe) anywhere north of that point.

The threat of landings does hinder the Axis, so it is something that is worth using occasionally during a game.

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