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Beligerant idiots in the forum


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Dear Hubert,

I've been commenting lately that someone seemed to be tampering with my postings. This morning I found a posting I didn't make with my forum name of JerseyJohn -- it was by Jon__J__Rambo or whatever he calls himself. In it he calls me a German Lover and posts some stupid remarks referring to me as "Claus Boobie" and posting some sort of belligerent challenge about comparing w-4 forms, etc. I draw the line at personal attacks and especially personal attacks that come in the line of blatant stupidity.

Henceforth I will avoid this site.

Disgusted -- John P. Dellova

I will be sending this same message to all administrators and posting it as a farewell forum.

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To John. Hang in there. This Jon__J__Rambo character is not the first nor the last fellow to make a nuisance of himself. Just ignore him and he'll eventually go away, or reform himself, or simply be banned by the moderators. I've been on the forum since April and can't tell you the number of folks that have come and gone for one reason or another. If you enjoy the game, if you appreciate the potential this game has for becoming excellent, and if you have something worthwhile to contribute to help make that happen (and we think you do), then stick with it. Have fun with it and don't let the little stuff bother you.

To Jon__J__Rambo and others. Knock it off with the personal attacks and other immature behavior. Grow up. Please. It one thing to cut up occassionally and have some fun, but quite another to inject spite and malice in an otherwise respectable gathering of fellow wargamers.

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Norse & Bill

Thanks for the good word -- will hang around. After making the entry I thought about it and realized I'm satisfying a single immatture trouble maker without considering all the responsible wargamers whose ideas I enjoy and want to continue being in touch with.

Thanks again.

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I/O -- Yohan,

Thanks for the good word, appreciated.

-- Yohan,

Never thought that for a minute, never had a problem with anyone's entries or replies, they often conflict but never become flareups, usually the conflicting opinions lead to the most enjoyable exchanges.

What got me mad about this "Rambo" character is he thinks he's some sort of superhero, Captain America or something because he supposedly represents the "Good Guys" whatever that means. If it were that simple we wouldn't have sixty some odd pages of forums. The powder keg was his idiotic remark about w-4 forms. Only an imbecile gets into that sort of nonsense and I strongly suspect he's starting to alter my entries. Anyway, from now on I'll just stay out of his forums, there are plenty of better ones.

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As originally posted by JerseyJohn:

I've been commenting lately that someone seemed to be tampering with my postings

Moderators: To add to the anecdotal evidence:

The other evening I tried posting a message, and after I hit "add reply" it just disappeared (I made a comment about it on that "History..." thread). That had never happened before. It was a reply to this rambo character.

Also, I cannot post in the Free French thread. I keep getting kicked out, and that also had never happened in 6 months, so perhaps something has been tampered with there as well? I mentioned that I thought it had to do with coding for inserting pictures.

Well, it's happened again. I was about to post a reply to General Bilote a couple minutes ago, and the quote I copied suddenly became something else entirely.

Seems like there is some strange activity still going on.

[ November 16, 2002, 10:45 AM: Message edited by: Immer Etwas ]

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JerseyJohn --- Take a deep breathe......You have gone off the edge. I'm going to address things STEP by STEP so you can understand.

# 1) You obviously didn't like my "I don't loose as Germans" thread. That's tough luck pal, because 38 REPLIES (minus probably a couple of me within that thread) I ALSO GOT 9 E-MAILS from people prasing that post. I'm involved in 6 games & putting others on hold. If you had a clue you could had told me (like 3 others) that it's not spelled "loose" it's "lose". I'm trying to help your confidence.

# 2) You obvioulsy didn't like "History, I'm talking about History". Once again, this was a fan favorite with 58 replies. 85% of the crowd responses put me in my place. My "takes" on D-Day were probably my biggest blunder. Stukas bombing haystacks was hiliarous!!!

# 3) You didn't like "Top-10 movies"; well, tough luck again. Movies for guys who like movies got 28 replies & has now gained me 2 new links I can search for movies & a dozen or more war movies that I will now rent. I think that's a fair exchange of information.

# 4) I NEVER ADDRESSED you as "Yo-Hans-Boobie"! Hey stupid, I was addressing "YoHan", get it? The W-2 form crack came as a result of "gee, you have a yahoo.com e-mail". The "Yo-Hans-Boobie" comment is clean humor & comes from the movie "Die-Hard".

# 5) I NEVER TOUCHED YOUR POSTS. Why would I? You're making me look like the SuperHero. Plus, I'm too stupid to hack anything, remember, I'm a Rambo. I have never touched anybodies entries! You're the one trying to censor people. The Moderator can see my I.P. address & can see who is messing with things. My guess

# 6) All my material is clean. I've never had my posts edited by the Moderator; but somebody elses was probably because they don't understand not to cuss or have a potty mouth.

# 7) You have a weak mind & character! Why you can't even address me face-to-face. You cry like a little tattle-tale to "Dear Hubert, this Rambo guy is a stud & making me look bad". It's funny, then you turn around & post German soldier pictures like your a tough guy or something. The whole time you hide behind your computer. I don't hide behind the computer; I meet my opponents "in the Game" (EA sports take) & I address my opponents directly, straight forward, & in a clean manner via the Forum.

# 8) Whether you like it or not. I'm the crowd favorite on the SC-Forum! I've got 6 new games going on. Other people in the world aren't cowards, they e-mail me & challenge me! I even see people are starting their own Top-10 list (props to Letterman).

# 9) You have my whole purpose wrong. I've brought three things to the table: Challenge/Love for the game, Humor, & new subjects. I started acting like this because of all the weirdos postings all the "Yak, Yak, Yak" pretending to be some German General Reporter or something stupid.

# 10) And finally, I had to make a number 10, just to have another Top-10 list; I must say you are weak. I'm jon_j_rambo & I stand by my comments: "I will not loose as the Germans" "I have Top-10 take on History" "I have Top-10 list on Movies." Those are only threads I've started.

jon_j_rambo@yahoo.com >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OUT

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Originally posted by JerseyJohn:

After making the entry I thought about it and realized I'm satisfying a single immatture trouble maker without considering all the responsible wargamers whose ideas I enjoy and want to continue being in touch with.

Last but not least, JJ is also glad to read that Jersey continues :rolleyes:
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Knock it off with the personal attacks and other immature behavior. Grow up. Please.
I used the word "please" but obviously this had zero effect on our self-described "forum favorite."

Rambo, you define yourself as a professional wargamer, as if someone is actually paying you money, cash, to play computer games full time and then get on forums to strut about like a pompous jerk. Well, you're not a professional. Someone who has taken up the profession of arms, taken an oath to serve and defend, stood on the frontiers of freedom and looked communist border guards in the eye, and played real wargames at places like the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA or the Combat Maneuver Training Center at Hohenfels, Germany, can claim the right of being a professional wargamer. You're just an amateur, a wannabe, and despite whatever string of victories you may have, you're just playing a GAME. I'll bet you my Ranger Tab you haven't come close to being a real professional. I can't exactly argue with the technical points of your ranting, but I sure as hell can comment about the manner of your delivery. You could be gracious about your abilities, you could simply let the merits of your arguments stand on their own and practice some skills of rhetorical persuasion, you could do any number of things to act like a mature individual and let others exercise the freedom of their expressions without your unwelcomed interference. But no, you choose another path, an alternative approach to winning friends and influencing people. Dale Carnegie you are not. But don't let me or anyone stop you from being who and what you are. If you want to continue being rude and obnoxious to score some sort of points which only you are keeping score with, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Sooner or later you'll just fade away like a bad memory, like others before you. :rolleyes:

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To complement the previous points made by my esteemed forum colleagues:

Originally posted by jon_j_rambo:

# 8) Whether you like it or not. I'm the crowd favorite on the SC-Forum!

You've got to be f*cking kidding me "rambo". :D

You're the "crowd favorite" around here because we're all having a BLAST proving you wrong. There's a huge ego trip deal involved. We were practically SHOVING EACH OTHER to be the first to say, "Well no Rambo you're absolutely wrong and have no grasp of history about WWII because of the following intelligent reasons." I mean Holy Christ, everybody from the grogs to the newbie wargamers enjoyed THAT thread.

:D Try not to take yourself too seriously kid. You'll have a shorter drop back to reality that way, LOL.

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Originally posted by jon_j_rambo:

[QB] JerseyJohn --- Take a deep breathe......You have gone off the edge. I'm going to address things STEP by STEP so you can understand.

Okay Rambo, you've got it all figured out -- you're so busy telling everyone what they're thinking you don't stop to read your own forums. I entered postings to your movie thread and your history thread and where you find any basis for saying I didn't care for them is incredible.

Your forums are fine. The thing I don't care for is you. You're a self-appointed storm trooper.

As for not facing you in person, I did, in your own forum -- read your own forums.

As I said before, you have nothing to say and you say it poorly. You're a self absorbed anti-productive trouble maker.

Now, I think that puts it fairly directly in your face.

As you believe you represent the forces of good, or you represent the good guys or whatever delussional claim you toss about, it seems amazing that so many others agree with my own low opinion of you and your beligerent ways.

You're the first nincompoop who's ever claimed he was the most popular -- who gives a flying you know what who's the most popular -- that whole line of thought is moronic!


My thanks to all those who feel the same way about this guy I do. It was never my intention to bash him or anyone else, but he seems to hit on contributors randomly and I don't like someone who doesn't know me telling me what I worship and who I adore. What an ego!


-- Johan -- thanks for the offer, would also enjoy a game at your convenience.

[ November 16, 2002, 01:33 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Originally posted by jon_j_rambo:

JerseyJohn --- (...) Why you can't even address me face-to-face. (...) I don't hide behind the computer (...) Whether you like it or not. I'm the crowd favorite on the SC-Forum! (...) I'm jon_j_rambo & I stand by my comments

It's fasinating.


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Rambo is TWELVE years old.

Letting a kid who probably isn't even in high-school get your blood up just doesn't make sense.

As for Rambo - remember, you are TWELVE years old. I'm sure you're a bright kid for your age but you'll discover as you get older that you'll look back at yourself now and wonder just what possessed you to do and think certain things.



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Hey Flash,

Not likely he is 12, just an excuse to explain his ignorant behavior and whining. Notice this thread which did not come from a 12 year old...

Thanks for all the great comments, facts, & thoughts regarding my blanket one-liners on a previous thread. Thanks for being kind & not "tearing me another ass" since my history knowledge comes from watch the boob tube. Therefore, this brings me to my Top-10 list of the genre (that's a fancy French word?) in War movies.

My rankings of movies is a general system. I give higher rankings to movies that can be re-watched. Note: Must be WW-2 movie, any front.

1) Band of Brothers --- This was absolutely awesome watching this last Fall on HBO! Every Sunday a new episode was aired. It was very realistic, historical, & done with great class. I got goose bumps hearing the real life people protrayed when they were interviewed & taken back to actual battle locations. No politics, no slanted views, no B.S...a great tribute to Easy Company. God Bless them.

2) Enemy at the Gates --- Those opening scenes & the city of rubble gave a great picture of Stalingrad. The sniper 'Vassili' vs 'Ed Harris' was a great story. The accounts of the Factory Works took me back to my childhood playing the original Squad Leader scenarios.

3) The Longest Day --- On June 6, 1944, the Allied Invasion of France marked the beginning of the end of Nazi domination over Europe. The attack involved over 3,000,000 men, 11,000 planes, and 4,000 ships, comprising the largest armada the world has ever seen. Who could do it better than Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Richard Burton "He has his boots on backwards", Sean Connery, Red Buttons, Robert Ryan, etc.

4) Stalag-17 --- William Holden as Sergent JJ Septen. Director Billy Wilder started out the prisoner of war craze with this classic. Nothing like a warm blanket, the whole day to yourself, & a bowl of nuts to watch this one.

5) A Bridge Too Far --- Michael Caine, Gene Hackman, Elliott Gould, Ryan O'Neal, Robert Redford, etc. do a good job here. Something about them paratroopers keeps me re-watching this one. Running around with the Brits & blowing whistles as the Panzers roll into town.

6) Objective Burma --- Errol Flynn takes us against the Japs in this old one. The fighting team spirit makes you feel part of the action.

7) Desperate Journey --- I bet you haven't heard of this one! President Ronald Reagan made his only "A" ladder film here. The smiling face of commando Ronny was great.

8) Pearl Harbor --- I slip in another "newbie" because of the battle scene. I confess, I even liked the love story. This was well done! How else could you make it, when everybody knows the story?

9) Force 10 From Navarone --- Harrison Ford, Robert Shaw, & Carl Weathers go to blow-up a Dam/Bridge. Nice action & good one-liners. Lets not forget seeing Barbara Bach's tits. I like this one!

10) Where Eagles Dare --- Rounding out my Top-10 is Clint Eastwood & Richard Burton is this adventurefest. A bunch of great chase scenes & it took some thought about what the hell was going on. (there mission that is)

Honorable mention (these are good, but don't have the re-watch factor):

Battle of the Bulge --- Sgt. Guffy is a trip

Cross of Iron --- Germans running from Russians

Kelly's Hereos --- Nice theme song

Battle of Britain --- Plenty of dogfights

Bridge of the River Kwai --- a little slow

Patton --- I can only take so much Patton worship

Midway --- Tough to re-watch naval battles

Night of the Generals --- More of a mystery thing

Great Escape --- Stevie & his motorcycle

Windtalkers --- Most gore available

Saving Private Ryan --- Good story

I look forward to all your reponses, this should be a fun thread. God Bless.


There was another quote where he discussed playing golf all day and Squad Leader all night. I figures he's about a 35 year old troll...at least

[ November 16, 2002, 04:02 PM: Message edited by: Yohan ]

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