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Major saved game problem


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I checked the troubleshooting guide and searched the forum but didn't find anything on this problem, which sure seems odd to me because it is a game-breaker. It has happened to me twice now.

Here's the sequence:

(1) I save the game under the name "Joe" (don't ask--I just do it that way).

(2) Later, I save again, overwriting Joe. I do this multiple times.

(3) Later, I re-load. I get the first Joe. Or another Joe. Basically, the results are intermittent, but at least twice I have gotten a very old save which I had DEFINITELY saved over multiple times since I originally saved it. On other occasions, save has worked correctly.

Does anybody know anything about this? It really honks, because twice I have gotten into 1942/1943 and then totally lost my game forever. I haven't managed to play one through to completion yet.

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Thanks, Hubert. I very much appreciate your attention to this forum. I will try deleting the folder and see where we go from here.

The first time it happened I was able to pick up again from Autosave. Unfortunately, this time the reason I wanted to run from backup was because I forgot to move the Russians the first turn they were available--a very very bad idea!--and didn't notice it until the Germans were already moving. I didn't get control back until there was a new autosave. :(

Thanks again for your attention. This is certainly odd; it seems as if it is happening only to me. Whatever happens, I will come back and let you know.

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Emil Seibold

Well said.

Only the ignorant hold the Germans responsible for the Nazis. Every nation has it's monsters and saints. Given the right conditions the monsters tend to dominate while saints prefer martyredom.

You fought the war you had to fight for your country. That speaks well of any man, any time, of any nation.

[ December 14, 2002, 06:23 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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posted December 14, 2002 06:14 PM


Only the ignorant hold the Germans responsible for the Nazis

Yeah, whatever. You German lovers play both sides of the coin. When you were winning it's "Zieg, Heil". Then when Patton's tanks rolled in it was "Thanks for saving us, Yanks."

Rambo >>>> All-American

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Where was I in 1945? Only God knows that...I didn't exist in this world.

What gives me the right to speak about this? I'll tell you. In the United States we have the right to Free Speech. (save yelling fire in a movie theather). Yes, I'm proud of Idaho. I love Idaho. I love the United States of America.

For the record, I had 2 Uncles in World War II. One in the United States Navy in the Pacific Front. The other was also in the Navy, a gunner on a Destroyer. But we don't need to wear a badge to have honor (quote from a Few Good Men). Our family traces all the way back to William Penn & the Quakers. Other records show relatives of Rambo in the United State's Civil War, Grampa in World War I (fighting the Germans, but of course it's not the people's fault.), 1 Uncle in Korea, 3 Uncles in Vietnam (other side of the family), 1 school-mate in Panama, 3 cousins in Desert Storm.

Rambo >>>> BORN IN THE USA (Bruce)

And everybody said, AMEN! And shouted,"USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!!!!"

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That's fine Rambo. I'm not questiong your uncles service to their country, or even yours.

Nor am I saying you don't have a right to an opinion, you do and I happen to enjoy quite a few of them.

What I'm saying is this. Until you see your native land in ruins and have to either wave someone else's flag or be put against a wall you don't have a viewpoint on the subject. Period.

I didn't quite see 1945 either, nor did I live in WW II Europe nor in the bleak ruins that were it's aftermath. Which is one of the reasons I'm very careful NOT to insult people who were there.

Idaho is probably a great place. I'm sure Hamburg and Minsk and Kiev and Lidice and countless other places were also great. You haven't seen Idaho smouldering and strewn with the rotting corpses you once knew as friends and family. I'm thankful you haven't and I'm thankful I haven't. So why urinate on those who have?

I'm glad my remarks got you aggitated. I hope they also get you thinking. There is nothing personal that I hold against you, not even your chest pounding and insane boasting, which I suspect is a joke. It's just your belittleing of others in what crosses over into reality. Games are one thing. Real life is another.

Say what you want about being the greatest gamesplayer on earth, wonderful and who gives a crap; putting down people who have actually been there is another thing entirely. That's a place your putdowns should stay clear of.

[ December 14, 2002, 07:00 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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That's a great speech, it's pretty & politically correct. I'm not a judge or a jury, this isn't the Nuermberg (spelling) Trial. You're the one waving the German flag with all your posts. Maybe it's you conscience that has brought up this subject. You feel guilt for the sins of the Fatherland.

There were in Germany in 1939-1945:

1) People that followed Hitler

2) People that served the Military

3) People who didn't care

4) People trying to survive

5) People who were Saints

6) People who were Sinners

7) People who were against this

8) People who were against that

9) People who were for this

10) People who were for that....

Whatever...At least I can watch Hogan's Hereos in in Idaho.

Back to SC....Yes, I'm the best.


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Rambo --

Glad this has calmed down a bit.

I couldn't care less about being politically correct.

I am not German -- at least only part and I'm not ashamed of that part.

Unless being the fourth generation in the United States doesn't count for anything, and being a Vietnam era veteran also doesn't count for anything, I guess I have a right to say I'm a U. S. citizen, especially having put my life up for grabs to earn it.

I do not look down on people who aren't veterans as long as they would be willing to serve if it were needed. I do, however, look down upon one time draft dodgers who meandered back home when the smoke cleared. That's for them to reconcile, somehow, as long as they don't stuff their pseudo-idealistic crap in my face.

I have nothing on my conscience, at least not regarding the Germans or the Nazis or anything relating to WW II.

Like yourself, my family is loaded with battle vets, many of them well decorated, and most of them went to their graves without saying much about what they'd seen, nor did I ever ask them.

For the record, though I am not Jewish, I've spent many years living in Jewish areas of New York City and have listened attentively to countless concentration camp horror stories from survivors that still make me squirm (and I don't squirm easily).

Many of them were German Jews and, though the Nazis didn't consider them German, they did and I did, except when I knew them they were Americans. The most naive of them saw a dozen times more than you and I put together will ever imagine. I never met any of them who said the German people should be damned because of the SS or the Gestapo of Himmler or Heydrich or Eichmann or Hitler -- so how can you?

The Nazi murderers should be grouped with all murederers everywhere. They are not the unique product of a single people or time. Those same people walk among us in every country and every age and when conditions are right they come out of the woodwork, so it isn't wise to be so quick in judging others; these things have a way coming back to haunt us.

I've also known an old man who was a Finnish volunteer in a Waffen SS unit. Even when I knew him (through a chess club) he made no bones about being a livid anti-semite. The first time I met him we were about to shake hands before a tournament game and he leaned forward, smiling, to ask in a near whisper, "You look a little Jewish, are you?" I said 'no', then asked why, and he waved it off.

Over the years we came to know each other very well. I didn't like most of the things he said but I listened because I wanted to know about them. And I'd be lying if I said we didn't become very good friends, because we did. Even now I find myself unable to judge him, though I'm sure if I'd been someone else with a more personal stake we not only would not have gotten along, I might actually have strangled him (except he was a very tough old bird who might well have stranggled me!). What I'm attempting very ineptly to say is people are rarely simple items, either positive or negative. Adolf Eichmann in Tel Aviv actually thought his jailers were fond of him!

You are entitled to your beliefs and if need be I'd put my life on the line again to help defend your right to voice them. Voicing your opion is fine and admirable.

It's all the more fine and admirable if those opinions are worth the price we're willing to pay for them.

The fact you've pigeon holed me in some absurd category, sight unseen, doesn't bother me. I am neither pro-nazi nor pro-fascist (as you say, pardon the spelling). If my posts seem to come off that way it's unfortunate. Before you joined us I was sometimes accused of leaning the other way in my support of a near crazed Stalinist who used to post here.

If, personally, I have said things that you have a valid right to take offense to you have my apologies, it probably wasn't intentional and if it was the moment has long passed. The same goes for anything you may have found personally belittling I also apologize. Though it seems odd that I'm the one offering an apology when you're the one using such endearing terms as "you stuttering fool" (which made me laugh like hell) and routinely offering to crack people's heads!

Nice list you've compiled, pretty much covers it.

Long Live Idaho and may the Martians remain on Mars, where they belong.


"Yeah, but -- I've already applied for citizenship!"

[ December 15, 2002, 02:44 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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It's still happening. Autosave works fine but saving the game under a name works intermittently.

I have not tried using the default names but always supply my own name. I have tried using <enter> after I type it in and I have tried using the mouse to save after I type the name in and I think it is intermittent both ways.

I just have to be careful not to make any terrible mistakes. I DID forget to move the Russians again once, but I noticed while the Germans were moving and re-booted real fast before I got a new autosave memorializing my blunder!

I have no clue why I am having this problem that nobody else has reported.

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