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AAR Arngrim vs Kossuth Pbem


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Pbem Arngrim(Axis) Bid 150 vs kossuth (Allies)

No landings on Majors turn1

Turn 1. axis kills nothing in Poland :eek:

1 army, HQ and tank west.

Moved the tank instead of Operating, hopefully it will not be out of range. No airstrikes, Denmark training exercise for KM, Subs raid. Damn I’m nervous.. what will an experienced player like Kossuth throw my way? :confused:

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Turn 2.

Axis bravely(foolishly obviously) DoW LC. Army attacks, the tank only made it to the river hex(Stupid!), so strikes from there, and a corps strikes from s/e of brussels. Airstrike one, two and three are intercepted by 2RAF and one French air and Brussels survives with *sigh* 1 point left. :mad:

Subs run and raid. Warsaw is surrounded on 5 sides, and survives. :rolleyes:

Polish air flees with 1 corps -this is not going my way.

Ardenner occupied with 1 corps. No Dow Ireland - Is he going to try to stall me with the carriers? Or Is he hoping for a quick American intervention? :confused:

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Turn 3.

Denmark attacked, subs raid(10p :( ), German corps destroyed s/e of Brussels, Air strikes Brussels, allied intercepts.French army in Brussels down to 1. :rolleyes:

Corps destroyed next to Warsaw, Warsaw down to 3, and now surrounded, Warsaw will fall next turn, freeing VERY needed units to LC, Damn, this game doesn’t look good…

French HQ shows up in southern Maginot.

Guess i'm getting more than a few lessons in this game.. smile.gif

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Turn 4.

Subs still raiding, only 10 pts again :rolleyes: Where are the RN carriers? I hope that they are subhunting, but they _might_ be preparing to destroy the Italian navy.... And considering how it goes in France… I’m toast. :(

Ah well to the bitter end. Warsaw taken, three polish units left. No advance in LC, Air reinforced, Denmark attacked, corps purchased to defend against Maginot raid. Next turn armies will operate west.

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Turn 5

Raiding Belgian corps suicide vs air, German Corps in LC destroyed, Subs run and raid. Armor takes s/eB hex, damages army. Denmark down to 1. 1 Polish army destroyed, corps look for Polish troops, and are surprised by them. Still no surrender….

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Turn 7.

1 Sub destroyed, the other run.

HQ replaced by corps

G army s/w Cologne to 3, retreats.

All air reinforced.

Attacks along the line, some damage dealt.

F corps s/w Munich destroyed.

Denmark taken.

Italy to 70 %

Should have kept attacking maginot to get them up, but I don't know the formula... :confused:

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Turn 8

Allies stand and reinforce. Uk corps s/e Brussels attacked by air& ground, survives at str. 1, carrier intercepts & sub hiding outside Denmark pounces & brings it to 1. (always 1) :rolleyes: . Maginot attacked. New Afleet purchased.

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Turn 9.

Airbattles over the canal as GB throws everything at the sub.. Carries flees. Sub sunk, -“achtung spitfire” obviously met with a language barrier.. or something (no emergency dives :rolleyes: ).

But the carrier was sunk.. How?? *confused*

Sub faking at Gibraltar, but no raid… thougt I was in range, will go closer next round.

Reinforcing this round, some attacks at maginot to keep the Italian spirits rising.

War: I:75%, US: 18%, R: 49%

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Turn 10

Allied token attacks on river units.

Air and ground attacks the goddamn corps, down to 2.

Sub went 2 hexes away from Gib. Bad move Battleship in harbor, will sink sub next turn.. Gib raided, and garrisoned.

Saving cash for air or tech...

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Turn 11.

Allies reveal jet1!!!

No matter, they will cost a fortune to reinforce. (happy delusions :rolleyes: )

French corps leaves Maginot, replaced by army. s/e Brussels taken by air and ground! smile.gif .

Corps destroyed.

Maginot attacked to encourage Italians.

Germany _shall_ Prevail!


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Turn 12

Maginot breakout corps attack air.

Multiple strikes vs Gcorps s/e Br. Holds(3).

No reinforcements. Corps replaced by army. FHQ attacked by air, to force reinforcements, saving cash, interception, going ok.

Looks like a lost cause, but der Vaterland shall prevail, I mean schnitzel and german beer vs frog thighs and noveaus..? ‘Nuff said.

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Turn 13:

Heavy allied attacks in LC destroy 2! German armies. F armor spotted behind the lines.

Ground & air strikes take back s/e Br. Hex.

This game is lost, but I sure won’t surrender before there are allies on German soil.

Turn 14.

Allies destroy G army+tank.

Germany destroy F army+tank.

Turn 15.

German corps destroyed, English carrier sunk.

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Combat in LC. Sub+Battleship damaged.

Concentrated German air&ground takes Brussels! At least some humiliation washed away. Makes no difference though.. Germany is spent…


Gniesenau sunk.

Allies, despite it being almost certain do _not_ take back Brussels!

Sharnhorst manage do damage RAF to 4, so naval intelligence indicate that the british will not be able to intercept. So 3brave Luftwaffe and an army destroy Farmy S/Br. And thake the hex with a S5 army. Risky, but at this point I _have_ to take risks. Therefore the plunder buys a jet research chit, and we’re hoping….

War: I:80, Us:18, Ru:49.


Sharnhorst sunk. G.Army destroyed. Germany attacks in LC, but to no effect.

Sub destroys a battleship. Reinforcing air.

If Allies had struck east with Maginot corps a few turns back, the war would be over by now. I have _nothing_ in reserve.. :-(

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Sub destroyed. 1 Fcorps _finally_ venture past maginot, but only as a flanking attack on the Germans. Reinforcing.


F river corps retreat from LW. Ardenner hex taken. F army destroyed. That German 1 Army and 4 corps are fierce! I thought that the Allies would just roll me over. I feel like Poland tongue.gif


Russia at 78% readiness, will enter war soon. No surprise, since I haven’t had _anything_ to send to the Russian border, and still don’t. Berlin will be taken by Russia.

Air and ground destroy corps take hex S of Br.


Light Allied attacks.

Air&ground destroy F ardennes Army.

USSR prepares for war. Bye bye

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Light combat in Ardennes.

USSR declares war.

At least Germany set foot on French soil before the end….


The Rusian flood flows over the border. The brave 2 corps stand firm.

Desperate attacks in the west to no avail.

Pleas for help against the Commies sent to USA , but are met with silence… :D


Russians march on, Warsaw captured, armor spotted close to Berlin, punished by air. French _finally_ dare to venture east of maginot and takes Munich. Finns, for some strange reason dclare war on USSR.. not a bright move at this point…

T 26. Russians overrun, French corps marching. I’ll surrender next turn.


The only city still German is Berlin. Germany surrenders.

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