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AAR: First TCP/IP game


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I just played my first TCP/IP game against an unknown opponent :cool: At the end of 1941 windows crashed :( But I had fun. As the axis I took Poland, Denmark, Lowlands, France. The an Army under General Bock attacked Norvege which had a little help from England than Sweden. Right after Russia declared war They took Stockholm. I whished they had took Sweden a few weeks faster because the red army hit my defense line hard. Finland joined war but this did not helped very much in the east.

I tried to invade England with General Mansteins. Before I nearly destroyed in a hart fight the British navy, only one damaged carrier escaped. The English air units were also destroyed only one French Air Fleet survived. But my counterpart used the normal trick and whereever I want to enter the coast he had an Chorps in this hex field. So I had no chance. When I moved my ship to another point at th coast he moved one or more Chorps to the coast nearby the ship. I think this schould be changed in a possible SC2 or a possible 1.7 patch. The game balance is totally destroyed in Multiplayer games. My plan was to cause enough trouble with Generals Mansteins Army to move 2 or 3 air fleets to the eastern front.

In the same time an Italian Army under an Italian Gerneral destroyed the Spanish units. I just took Madrid before Windows crashed. After taking Spain they should take Portugal and than Turkey and move to the Causasian area in Russia.

At the same time 3 German units and 2 Italian units fighted in Yugoslavia.

The 3 eastern European countries did not joined Axis until the end of the game. The USA also did not enter the war.

I am not sure if I would have won the game. I do not worry about the USA entering the war because I had 5 subs. Yugoslavia and Portugal were also fallen for sure. But England unfallen and the eastern front. That causes me some headache.

Sven :confused:

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Sven it was I who you played. I thing if you had of hit England with a few more transports it would have worked. The defenses there were stretched to the limit. Also if you concetrated the luftwaffe you could have cleared the beachs.

Gamey? Not sure. I think it was Rommel who said "stop them at the beaches for once ashore they cannot be contained"

The entry of Russia surely was a sore in the axis side, with axis air and ground forces deployed in Sweden and France (SeaLion).

It would have been an interesting game had it continued. The loss of the Royal Navy was tragic. But the gallant boys did their job. Destroying the bulk of the Italian Navy. I wasn't expecting the massive sub deployment as the med. fleet headed North to defend against SeaLion.

Thanks for the game Sven, it was my first go against a human.

btw, how do you chat in tcp mode?

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I had also fun perhaps you like another game tomorrow evening (European time)? Was my first game against a human too.

If I had have more units to invade England I would have used them :D But it is hard to defend when Russia attacks. You saw my units were well defending but above their limits. The fall of Sweden was really in the last second. You one Chorps in Norvege had taken some time, a little bit too much.

I was really wondering that the English/French navy could be beaten through the Italien/German ships. In games against the AI I never could beat the navy. But attacking England is much easier against the AI :D

I think for the next game against an human I have to prepare better: red French wine, strong German coffee and some American ice cream :cool:

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