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Hubert. Rambo cannot be stopped. You better make a "Rambo" patch.


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Hello World: (Isn't that what they teach 1st in a computer class?)

I'm the best AXIS player in the World. Attached is a nice pic for you Euros that like the Germans:


I don't care what strategy you use. DutchGambit, who cares? Suicide your ships, who cares? Crush the Italian navy, who cares? Stuff Egypt with dudes, so what?

Hubert: I suggest adding a bidding system before a challenge match. Kind of like a handicap in golf, bidding in various card games, etc.

Then I can say: I beat so-and-so with Germans minus $500. It's a clear-cut number, no historical additions to the software, no new changes, no new "random" luck things. Straight cash to the Allies I will spot.


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To put Rambo back into ´his place smile.gif His last game in the PL:

Liek Einstein said best player is relative

What can I say? I got my ASS KICKED. Terif is like playing IBM-Big-Blue computer or something. Even the slightest hint of a bad move & you lose. I did better against him last year, this was an absolute joke.

Mistakes made:

Game# 1 --- I shouldn't have given up, just except the fact Paris will fall in August. I hadn't lost any power pieces, was strong on the ground.

Game# 2 --- Taking Warsaw on turn# 1 is way too big of a gamble. Rarely, do they surrender anyways without killing alot of units. Turn# 3 attack on Brussells was dumb, should have picked off a corp to the South anyways. Turn# 4 I decided this stupid bypass move, picking of 2-weak units. I got the counterattack from HELL.

Lessons learned: Terif does not make any mistakes! I play 95% of the field & go thru them like butter in France. I must become analytical to beat this guy. Like Terif said, the bids are alot bigger than before, I gotta bid less or something? If I'm not goint to get Paris until June against him, no way can I spot Russia $4000 & USA $1000, no way!

Hats off to Terif. Yoda came out & beat my sorry ass. We're flying the flag at half mast


Radio Bible, Dr. J. Veron MaGee

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