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Originally posted by The Dutch Army:

Helo?? ;)

Lost in space?? :D

Short report of a very very long game......

I got axis with 220/1100/4400 for allies. This was my biggest bid ever....huh and this in a final ag Zapp + irak rule.

The game begun very bad for me.....LC failed, Poland surrendered in turn 5 or even in turn 6 therefore in finished France in October 40 !!!! with heavy losses.

I think every other player would have surrendered but a Dragon is born to fight :D .

Due to the late conquest of France i had to change my usual tactic and did not take spain before barbarossa. Norway and Sweden were also late as zapp moved all his navy into the norh sea.

But heavy airsupport forced him to withdraw.

Technical research was restricted to 5 chits instead of 10 before barbarossa. (1AT,1AA,2JET,1IR) As germany was that weak i decided to make italy this time to an airpower investing in AF´s and research in jet´s.

Barbarossa started weak some border units of the russians survived but good news on the research front as i got lvl 4 jet within 9 rounds!! I used this to my advantage and killed to US AF´s in the west.

I took Odessa and Kiev soon...but was to weak to attack in the north. Finland could be saved in a first attack wave but later it felt due to heavy air support for the russians.

In the west the allied landed in Brest but left the french soil as i moved most air to the west.

5 italian AF´s meanwhile also lvl4 were guarding the coast...almost all land units left for the east.

Together with this additional units i tried to breaktrough towards minsk but lvl 3 AT armies and hordes of tanks defended every metre of the russian soil. In this period i killed also 2 russian AF´s thanks to reaching LR 3.

When catching up with jet zapp stroke back in the west and attacked in the west, killing 1 italian AF and damaged several others. I withdrew and italy needed many rounds to recover from this losses. Again he landed and took paris soon. As i had to withdrew some units for defence of germany to the west my attack in the east stuck soon.

As my gamble in the east was ending is was moving my air again to the west...the result were long and expensive airbattles...in sold all my tech and did hardly repair damaged ground units during this period. But with the help of the italians i got the upperhand in the west again and recaptured paris.

The date was meanwhile mid 1946 and i tried again to win the game, started a late sealion but it failed as zapp had enough reserves and the axis where to weak meanwhile. But also for the russians it was to late for a decent breaktrough therefore we decided to finish the game in november 1946 with a draw.


This was a hell of a game. I thought several times that i have lost, especially after my weak start....LC failed, late poland, late france, late minors..... The luck in jet tech saved my life...but also a perfect tactic to switch my air in the most important moments from west to east and vice versa. I think i did this at least 5 times!!!!!! Also to support the germans with italian Air was a wise decision as otherwise zapp would have outpowered me in the air. But i also had bright moments were i saw a little chance to win.

All in all it was a great game with alot of action and if this were a soccer game i would say this draw was a won point.

2nd final is coming soon......

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When Barbarossa began I was 95% sure of winning. I mean, Axis was still on L0 jets, same as Russia!

I only had to exchange casualties and use superioir numbers before Axis took Spain and Portugal and got too much MPP. I was planning to strike Axis early and use the HUGE MPP starting bonus and the MPP advantage (since Axis did not have Spain and Iraq was neutral due to house rule).

BUT, what happened was that Germany jumped to L2 in the first 2 Barbarossa turns, leaving me with a jet disadvantage both in the east and the west. That gave them an undisturbed first 5-10 turns of Barbarossa to build up, take Spain and get almost equal forces against me. I could not attack L0 vs L2 jets and his experienced units without being destroyed. I tried small ground counters (no air backup) wherever I got the chance, but Luftwaffe made sure Axis got the most kills. He destroyed one Russian HQ later on and it looked bad for Russia since I had to spend MPP reinforcing HQ's (though in Cities and entrenched). His high water mark in Russia was the Mine he took east of the big center swamp. When I got L3 and later on L4 jets, I could start agression in Russia but Axis had established enough forces to defend.

Well, I had luck in 1939-1940 so I guess it evened out. Both deserved a draw. By the way, that Iraque rule work wonders for the end game and made the end game less chaotic i.e no more "Axis win the game due to the MPP advantage unless Allies land quickly in the west".

Very Good Game.

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