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When is patch 1.06 out? What will it include?


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This game is great! Most things in the game are balanced and the variation from game to game is also big. There are a few things that must change though.


1) Interception combat system need to be fixed i.e no entrenchment nor terrain bonuses in interception and escort battles.

2) Interception ON/OFF option for every single carrier and air fleet.

3) Starting position for Italy and Finland needs to be improved to avoid disastrous naval attacks and transport landings on their entry turn.

4) "Cutting off Moscow without taking it" bug needs to be fixed. Russia should be able to voluntarily surrender its capital.

5) A flaw in the scenario START that gives the Tanks, Soft Defence Value=4+HTTL (Heavy Tank Tech Level). HTTL should ofcourse not be included.

6) A flaw in the scenario START that only give countries, with Gun Laying Radar techs, the navy attack bonus and forgets the navy defence bonus.

7) Sonar research should increase Naval Defence against subs (according to the manual) and NOT against ANY naval unit.


1) Russia and USA have a tendency to lag behind in technology so they need more initial research and also dependant on entry time (later entry more initial research points)

2) Semi-random option for research system.

3) FOW should include cash.

4) Report of ground/naval/air units should have som FOW effect also. Lag behind some turns?

5) Slightly lower pillage rates.

6) Reduced action points in winter and spring season (only in winter countries).

7) Slightly higher supply level for Helsinki to make Russia-Finland wars more stable.

8) Anti-tank research gives infantry too much tank defense bonus.

9) Since air units should not wipe out ground units too easy make multiple air attacks (on the same ground unit) count less for every additional attack except the first two.

10) Transports should NOT count as navy unit in the report section.

11) Limit the operational movement for ground units to 20 Hexes to avoid axis "minutemen" that arrive from deep Russia as soon as UK/US transports are approaching France.


1. More interesting atlantic sub wars

2. Bigger map especially in Africa.

3. Faster transport system from US or UK to Egypt.

4. Resources divided into manpower, industry, oil and war material.

5. Consumption rates for each unit (war material and oil). Much higher consumtion of oil when moving units.

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Zapp, if you want more research advances/points for the allies when entering take a look at some of the moded campaigns, escpecially Blitzkrieg at headquarters.

the axis' sub strength in the atlantic can also easily be adjusted by players.

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I have edited my proposals a bit now. Most of my proposals will change the game in favour of the Allies, which is in fact needed.

As i see it, the rules give Axis an advantage over the allis because:

a) The interception rules (losses) favour the air force with the initiative which often is the german air force.

B) The technology gap between Axis and US+Russia increases instead of decreases because of the FEW initial research points they start with. USA and Russia can't afford to invest heavily in research since every extra unit is so critical to stop the germans.

c) No winter effects give Axis the quickness to overrun Russia too quickly.

d) The dual axis threat on UK and The Mediterranean and the slow transport system of troops and navy on the route UK-Egypt makes it possible for axis to totally DOMINATE the mediterranean.

e) Since multiple AIR attacks on the same target has no penalty, cities are VERY HARD to hold. In the mid-game when Axis has Air fleets with lots of experience, 4-5 Axis air fleets almost wipes the defenders out so the ground forces have no problem destroying any opposition left.

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