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Thank You Hubert!!!


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Just wanted to take the time to thank you for this game. It's such an obvious labor of love and a homage to all the games that all of us in the community played growing up ( none of which are available for Windows and all have AI inferior to your game). And I would like to commend you for being active with the SC community and actually listening and incorperating peoples ideas. That is so rare that I don't really think I've seen it before. I applaud the independant spirit of Battlefront.com and the Battlefront community.

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smile.gif I want to point out that it is the "easy" playability without micromanagement, that fascinates me the most. As Hubert concentrated his game on the essence, everyone in this forum should do the same and keep it short and crystalclear.

Some thoughts about the game:

1. research section in PBEM is unbalanced, development should be guaranteed there

2. subs should be able to hide more until sonar is developped. Transports that transport MPP´s should be included, as the US helped UK and USSR from the early days on with thousands of tons.

3. player should be able to assign units to HQ´s

4. according to my data (Friesers studies), french had overall double size of units as germany, but a gamelin HQ with sub-zero rating. For example -10 would decrease the morale and readiness of french units to 5% (like it is written history). In the beginning of Fall french, only gamelin HQ should be available, but the army and french airfleet should have double size than germanys. 5% readiness should do the rest to let germany break through.

5. In the beginning of barbarossa, germany had the most modern army. Germany took hunderthousands of prisoners and slaughtered the enemy by millions (11-13 millions russians killed, but only about 3 million germans). Maybe Hubert can simulate that reality someday also, making it easy for germany to advance to moscow, but then the tide turns, because of winter, mud and mines etc.

At Stalingrad, german army was oldest. Russia had built up with transports from US and had well dressed (winter combat clothes) and well fed and fresh soldiers. German soldiers were hungry, thin men with horses instead of trucks (speaking in general). Russia then had also antitank weapons, that german tanks couldn´t compete with. German supplies were plundered then by russian partisans.

So Winters should reduce german strenghts 2 or 3 points. Russia should maybe start with armies at 7,8 or 9 and develop to 12 or so, until moscow or stalingrad is reached by germany. The campaign should develop those levels (as option) by itself, according to real history.

British and US bombers should develop the same without influence, like it is written history. The same with subs, sonars, radars etc.

6. Destroyers and battleships should protect personal and MPP convoys from being attacked by subs then, like airfleet protect citys etc. now do. Transports should be able to move much less hex´s than now.

7. larger maps (world maps) would be great.

8. Maybe the number of purchaseble units should be limited for each country according to historian facts. When you bought all germans for your armies (3-4 millions), then germany is empty. But russia has much more manpower to reinforce units.

Maybe also airfleets should be limited to purchase.

9. In a PBEM the enemy should see how many times the opponent has reloaded. I think reloading increases a lot the efficiency of s.o.`s turn.

Last but not least, I love a research section (but it needs to be balanced in the way, that luck is not needed here), HQ´s influence (which is perfect in my opinion), experience (perfect), entrenchment (but entrenchment level should be viewable BEFORE stepping on it!)

So please read my notes, Hubert, and be inspired by it. You know I love the game very much and am very happy that someone like you took the time to make it.

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2. Either that, or subs should take much less damage from an attack. Even if the Allied ships could locate the subs, it didn't mean they always cut their strength down by half. Subs are supposed to be elusive, and with the sub war being virtually non-existent (I even tried, later in the war, creating 5-10 subs to terrorize the Atlantic) these additions would help sub warfare considerably.

However, this would mean the Allies would need to spend research points on sonar rather than jets, etc. Possible imbalance problem? Don't know, but subs do need to be more effective in some way.

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