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Sol,, i cant email you


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Im getting mail undelivered

Ive used both my ISPs and keep getting an Undelivered email

Just to verify your address



Do you have another ISP i could try?

These things sometimes come right after a few days.

I can recieve from you ok but i cant send

Sorry everyone for incovience butthis is only way i can communicate

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I dont have another ISP or e-mail address. It might be caused by the fact that another company just bought the local phone service of my ISP and they are also in the process of taking over their DSL service as well, but not before Aug. 30th. I was afraid this might cause a problem. Did you try to send me just a Test e-mail without any attachments? We might have to wait till after the new ISP takes over and everything gets sorted out. Try a few more times during the next few days and we will see what happens. Sorry for the trouble.

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